Shortryder auto 13 weeks still not finished

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  1. I'm growing outdoors and they get brought in at night! She is budding, just real slow! She hasn't got hardly any fan leaves cos I had to cut them cos they dried up after my GF didn't look after it for 2 weeks while I went away. Is this the reason? I have 2 more shorties that are doing great and I don't intend to leave them lol!!

    Any help or theories would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Any help?
  3. Well, you lost 2 weeks when it went unattended, and probably another week or 2 for recuperation. So, the not watering/not being cared for for 2 weeks surely affected the plant. Let her finish and see what happens.
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  5. yup out side,also pick out any bugs rom your plant, there was a plenty on mines o.0 :rolleyes:
  6. what did you guys plants look like at like 8 weeks, i got this unknown thing, i thought was a runt, it's really starting to hit a growth spurt this last week, this just a runt or possibly a dwarf strain?

    it's so small, like 8 inches tall...

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    Same size as my shortie at 8 weeks which is now 12.5" and nearly ready for harvest!
    Is it an auto? If so you should see signs of flowering already!
    If u cud post another pic in week might b easier to tell!

    Keep budding, peace

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