shortness of breath from smoking weed

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Have you ever felt shortness of breath from smoking weed?

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    hi guys

    i just wanted to ask whether anyone here has had shortness of breath caused by smoking weed.

    i've only smoked weed about ten times in my life. yesterday i smoked a small amount after 5 months of not smoking. i coughed a little. it made me kind of feel like i need to take deeper breaths when im talking. i can't laugh without feeling lightheaded now, it's like i'm still high. im hoping it goes away soon.

    just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? maybe i'm very sensitive. i'm young and healthy otherwise, although i do get anxiety.
  2. @assj
    There’s that word, again.
    Anxiety; we DO hear that a lot... really.
    Relax and enjoy.
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  3. Did it go away? Yes smoking will impact your breathing, but once every 5 months should have very little effect.
  4. Consider switching to a vaporizer, they are much easier on the lungs.
  5. Low tolerance maybe? Might ease up if you smoke more. Maybe try microdosing.
  6. Switch to a vaporiser and it is quite easier on your lungs.
  7. “Oh, he never returned, no he never returned; and his fate is still unlearned”. (The Lettermen?)

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