Shorties watchin shorties...

Discussion in 'General' started by Pdub420, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Did u guys see this comedy central show, its SOOOOOOO funny, wow. it was great, hope you saw it. Peace
  2. damn, i just watched some of that after south park.. but i had to call this girl :/ i only say like the first 10-15 minutes, funny as hell...
  3. was it funny?

    i thought it would be kind of stupid, and i was pissed that it took chappelle's show's place.

    south park + chapelle's show = good times.
  4. its taking chapelle shows place? didnt chapelle go on strike cause hes ONLY making 90 grand an episode? boo-hoo
  5. no, its just on tuesdays now in a prime time spot
  6. although i can confirm he is trying to renegotiate his contract because he is only making $90,000 an episode and he is bringing them in way way way more money.
  7. I didn't see it b/c I suprised this girl by showing up at her apartment while having my room mate continue to talk to her on AIM. I ended up coming back as family guy was starting.
  8. i recorded it so i gotta watch it today
  9. patrice is always funny. i hope they do one of the norton/vos/tranny hooker stories. those are always good for a laugh ;p

  10. i saw it, thought it was funny....
    anyone else notice the one baby humped several different things for like asplit second.....maybe it was subliminal, or just me? cause my husband missed it 3 times...
  11. the animated stand up is hilarious, the babies themselves are just all right. Id rather have nick dipaulo do the stand up than be the baby because hes fucking hilarious. I love all the comedians they got to do the show, it would be shitty if they got just nobodies.

    But yeah its a good show. I cant wait to see next weeks. well ok i can wait, but thats besides the point.

    And Chappelles show is now on a better time for me , sinc ei work wednesday nights and i get home and always forget to watch it. Plus its earlier now

  12. hes only making 90,000?!:eek:....raymond gets 1.5 mil per episode and the "friends" each get a million!
  13. i wouldnt mind getting 90,000$ a episode
    thats more then a years sallery for some people
  14. yah some people are just greedy but i mean i dont blame him cuz he is better then friends and for sure better then raymond. But yah shorties watchin shorties is great. I loved the part where the guy had lip gloss all over his face. My bf always used to have pink sparkles all over his face and he would get so mad lmao.

  15. it wasn't lip gloss that was on his face, it was that glittery shit that strippers put on their bodies.


  16. Oh my bad but neways we were drivin one time and he had pink sparkeles ALL over his face lmao it was so funny.

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