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shortest tolerance break you've ever had?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punKrockeR, May 26, 2010.

  1. mine's 2 hours haha. usually i last a few days at least but i can't resist a smoke-out :smoke:
  2. The shortest break?

    That would be in between hits, all day.
  3. You must have known what kind of answers you'd get :p

    0 days
  4. been smoking almost everyday since i started and multiple times a day for the last year or so. never tried to take a T-break but maybe i will someday
  5. I was going to come in and be a smart ass and say something like 5 seconds between hits but then I realized how expected that would be...

    Seriously, probably about 3 days. Which was more of a failed tolerance break.
  6. Last weekend I said that I was going to stop after the weekend for my 30 days of legitimacy. I ended up sleeping all day Sunday and until 3 in the morning on Monday, so I decided it was unfair that I didn't get to conclude my weekend with a big solo session. So I ended up smoking a lot of hash at 4:20 and I proceeded to smoke again after my class at noon. So I'd say that supposedly committed tolerance break ended up last four hours and twenty minutes. And I just smoke another joint. I guess this weekend will be officially my last weekend before the break.
  8. fail?
  9. In the past 8 months ive have not went more then 16 hours without tokin... :hello:
  10. In the past year or so, two days. The last two days to be exact. Potential drug test on the way.
  11. #12 punKrockeR, May 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2010
    haha naw i didnt expect replies like "in between hits" because ?? i'm stoned as shit right now but i don't even find that funny lol whatever yeah if you wanna include that a tolerance break then i guess your time between meals is fasting too

    and yea KobeBryant story of my fuckin life man i just can't see a legitimate reason to stop smoking other than to get higher cheaper. i was going to take a t-break this week but i have so much weed on hand the $'s not a problem, i hate constantly having to inhale litres and litres of smoke to maintain a sweet level

    ps just out of interest, everyone who smokes regularly all the time, do you still work/study/have relationships? cuz ive been smoking every day for a looong time now and none of those have been affected (other than maybe the study but thats not pot's fault it's mine). i'm waiting to lose my job and all my friends and end up single and infertile and brain-dead like the government promised would happen to me as a kid. what an anti-climax? i can get high all day every day and not mutate into an anti-social suicidal schizophrenic maniac? well shiiit

    now what the fuck can i do with my life

    anyway i've got better things to do than be a sarcastic dickhead on the internet unlike a lot of other people round here so im peacein out, keeeep on smoking :smoke:
  12. haha i completely quit smoking one day(ie finished the bud i had and gave ALL my pieces away and grinders) by the end of the afternoon i was smoking a few blunts with my buddies.i wanted to ask for my shit back but i felt bad so i just let everyone keep everything.sadly i had all those pieces for atleast a year each and within 2 weeks everyone had broken them:(

  13. this makes me sad :( brother did this...and i have 2 bongs from someone else doin it haha
  14. Well in February I tried alot and I got 6 days without smoking and thats the longest Ive done.

    About 2 weeks ago, I decided to go on a break again for a week but I only stayed sober for 51 hours. so 2 days.

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