Shortcut to enlightenment: we thought we were going to die

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    On my wall I got a poster of Bob Marley, it says "When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself"

    Well oh my fuc*ing god. I revealed myself to myself with my friend for 8 fucking hour straight.

    A buddy and I decided to take 2 hits of acid (each) and we smoked a bowl of some powerful herb. The experience was fantastic until...

    My girlfriend (who was sober) wanted to be filled in the conversation

    I replied that I could not explain because by its very nature it is undescribable.

    So my buddy and I we understood that if something is indescribable and one where to know it we would inevitably forget it because it is indescribable. We were thinking of a concept very similar to the tao. We finally gathered that describing it was like describing a clear mirror in front of a mirror, that light could not see light, "the thought we are following is that which we will not know in the future", I am become, free willl is free in that it doesn't exist.

    And we fucking talked like confucious for hours upon hours upon hours speaking in koans and laughing about the futility of speech to explain that which by its very nature cannot be explained through words. We would just stare at each other for what seemed to us like hours and utter a few words and think some more, like fucking epic philosophical dialogue


    My girlfriend got is thinking in that endless loop of thought of describing that which we could not describe in words. So while we were essentially experiencing, nothingness, enlightenment, nirvana what ever you will name it we continually tried to explain that which we cannot explain and upon realizing what it was forgetting it (by definition) and laughing our asses of.

    This horrible process went on for 8 straight hours. We kept saying to ourselves, "what a fucking horrible way to die" no matter what we did we could not stop laughing and could not have any further progress in describing the undescribable. It was like having a computer divide by zero, getting an error (the equation is meaningless in the system) and inputing the equation again and again and again and again and again and again and again for 8 fucking hours straight we conversed about the futility of speech.
    Whenever we thought how horrible it would be to die this way, in this endless loop of thought, laughing hysterically and being absolutely unable to delve further into the subject via a linguistic means we just ended up laughing at our own helplessness to stop laughing.

    around 9 hours later we were finally able to get some sleep and have some thoughts outside of the endless loop.

    It was such a fucking waste of time. All of that time we spent laughing at what was by definition impossible to describe we could have instead spent experiencing, but once experiencing was horrible

    Like finding out that the final truth is that the final truth is unknowable. Basically that all of our knowledge can only be thought of as a relation between things and that we cannot know things for themselves

    basically in an infinity of mirrors reflecting off of each other, light cannot see the light

    BAAh >_<

    edit: it was actually enjoyable and my gf didn't ruin my time. I don't know anyone else that has been able to laugh at the same joke for 8 hours straight. It was very therapeutic in a sense.

    2nd Edit: I don't regret this at all, if I sound like i'm complaining its like complaining with a grin sort of thing =) It was extremely fun. And I say various times (including in the title) that it was some sort of shortcut to enlightenment, I don't know if thats the case, I do not think it is the case It was just a figure of speech for "above the influence" of the all the bullshit in our fictional society, not necessarily in the sense of "united with the cosmic consciousness" although It seems to me rising above the bullshit of society is necessary to destroy your ties with the me ego in favor of the universal....however...there was definitely a feeling of this divine detachment, its just my opinion that there are infinite levels of divine it seems incorrect to call any one of them nirvana, and yet all of them must be a sort...see sign for further details =P
  2. Sounds like a nice trip.

    I think girlfriends provide something like a comma. Her function is to break your thoughts.
  3. sounds great
  4. haha 8 hours!!!? That's a lot of laughing, must have been a good time.
  5. yeah well imagine having stupid drunk friends over and having to deal with them until they passed out...on about 3 hits ... lol:smoke::smoke::smoke:
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    I don't think YOU understand. We couldn't escape the loop because we kept forgetting what the loop was about, once we remembered, we would forget and it would inevitably repeat. (this is why i'd rather do psychadelics without pot)

    But I appreciate you posting this because I know it can be really helpful to say something for one's own understanding...sometimes we talk more for our own sake than others

    and sometimes we make examples of ourselves for other's sakes

    What you're talking about pure awareness, i'm familiar with that, just unfortunately, as this thread explains, my desire to help my girlfriend understand led to a very memorable experience where we remembered and forgot that we knew nothing but the futility of speech

    Sure it wasn't this transcendental experience, but it was a great lesson and so much laughing, so much laughing, if laughter is medicine I mean OMG i shoulda been cured of everything
    I mean, after that day I DID regain my sense of smell back


    When you talk about that pure awareness stuff. Yeah man for sure. I know what you're saying. Its the kinda shit you try to look back on and you don't really know if it happened or not, it seems so dreamlike, because you were there in the moment

    Like for example i've heard "Sirens or Angels" Sing..I was playing a harmonica and when I stopped the most beautiful of frequencies rang from the tops of the trees

    or this one time I just fricken sprinted through a forest, once on salvia once on 8 grams of mushrooms and I felt like a fucking beast, like I was not walking through a forest but was running through a playground within my own mind, one that I was intimately part of, never had to look where I was going, I was so into that moment its hard to remember a second of it

    or this one time where I felt as big as a mountain and as small as agrain of sand simultaneously

    or this one I was on morning glory dancing and shit and I did a backhand spring
    I can't remember it, not really, same way I cant remember what "angels" sound like

    because at that moment, i was in the moment. Entirely experiencing it, unable to form a memory or devalue it into words

    I know what you're saying bro
    EDIT: and yet I DON"T KNOW hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    but you know
    thats my theory about love
    that despite being unable to bridge that void
    we're willing to fly for each other and transcend that "rational certainty"

    because in our gut, our heart or whatever
    no one's words can tell us what we already know
    this song comes to mind
  8. yes, read some Jacques Derrida


  9. sounds interesting, think i mighta heard about him in a continental philosophy class

    got any thing particular in mind ?

  10. Exactly!:)
  11. Man.. that sucks. One time I was blitz'd out of my mind, and my mind revealed to me that I was mentally retarded; must be from all of that e.


  12. Nice! I really like that about language just being a postponing of meaning

  13. hahahahah

    oh sh!
    Yea right

    i don't know you that well, but my stupidometer woulda alerted by know if I thought you were dumb, which I don't think....

    If it makes you feel better cannabis protects neurons from dying and helps grow new ones!
    so even if the E did take some, i'm sure the bud will pay you back

  14. pretty much lol
  15. The nature of anything spiritual can't be explained in words, because words only convey physical messages. This is why symbols have been used, hieroglyphics, holy symbols. Yes, even emotions are physical as they are a product of your brain producing physical chemicals. Spiritual happiness is much different than neuro-happiness.

    The final truth is only comprehendible at one time, and that time is when you cease to be human. Not when the physical body dies, as that happens many many times, but when you merge back into the Primordial Light from which your Spirit came. It is at this time where you become One with the All, you are now the All itself so you are able to comprehend it. You will never comprehend the Infinite while in a finite existence though.
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    you're talking about like the singularity, or rather the proposed singularity

    a moment in "time" Where the universe created itself and was connected in all points of space and time and was all knowing? Some kind of conscious singularity? Maybe after it creates this dream it creates another and another and perhaps every time this lord wakes he is another and another

    How can anyone claim to know himself? If he is infinite he is always growing

    the infinite nothingness of self arranging possibility

    *snaps out stoned daydream*
    Edit are you suggesting the all can be known by the all? Yes I think so but only for ALL ETERNity because for all eternity he will be searching and not knowing
  17. Lol, thanks..

    I sat around some close friends while going through this revelation. I confessed this to them and they just stared at me, completely dumbfounded, and then laughed. I almost cried, because that's how serious I was. :eek:

    I'm not all there; I'm strange. And I've always embraced that I think differently. I'd like to think that my quirkiness is one of my best qualities, but it's also one of my worst. I guess it depends on who I am around. :smoke:
  18. Quirkiness is the most valuable natural resource in the universe. It inspires the imagination and breeds new creation. In relation to the whole quirky seems kinda dumb and sticking out like a sore thumb, but from quirkiness we all grasp from

    we're weird to exist and to know it
    strange people invented the word strange
    remember that

    Some of the strangest people in the world invented the word strange

    whoa :smoke::smoke::smoke:

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