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Short term memory loss or normal aging?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mjmama25, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I know that my memory isn't as good as it used to be. What I wonder sometimes though, is how much of that REALLY comes from smoking pot and how much is just normal aging. I think going growing up, getting a job, having kids, and filling my brain till I want to pull my hair out may by the real cause of my memory dulling. Haven't older people been complaining for years about their bad memory? It just seems convenient to blame it all on pot. Your thoughts on this?
  2. lol i gel with you man my memory has gotten way worse I think...or maybe I just don't give a FUUCK.
  3. Whenever I break from toking, my memory improves a noticeable amount.
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    Key being shortterm memory.

    I'd say just getting older affects your longterm memory. Having to store a lifeworks of info of places, dates, people and places you've been, to say a few can really clog the attic. Whilst smoking pot has been attributed to short term memory capacity. Heres a way to help stave off forgetfulness, I suggest you listen to this next bit.

    Sound assiocation is the best way to hold on to certain memories. That why you can think of a song or hear it on the radio and you more often than not remember exactly the first time you heard it. Or a meaningful day or event that you kind of tied it into.

    Good Luck! Hope this helps:smoke:
  5. I forget everything LOL
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    I see what you did there.

    I hope you did that on purpose lol
  7. Damn I've been spotted!! :rolleyes::p
  8. All the stress you go through definitely takes a toll on you. It eats away at your lifespan too, very slowly though. I wouldnt doubt it if it also affects you memory greatly.
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    Short term memory is affected as long as you are stoned. Sober up and all is fine!

    Heavy cannabis use without long-term effect on global intelligence (news - 2002) International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    Marijuana does not dent IQ permanently (news - 2002)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana does not dent IQ permanently - 08 April 2002 - New Scientist[/FONT]

    Now one cool thing about cannabis is that it is a neuroprotectant- it protects brain and nerve cells. In fact, THC prevents the depositing of amyloid plaque, the physical evidence of Alzheimer's- and it does that better than "conventional" medicines! By activating the CB1 receptors, (that means getting high, folks :smoke: ) we can keep our brains from getting gummed up with amyloid plaque!

    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's (news - 2006) (see sentence #2 :hello: )
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's[/FONT]

    And even more than that!

    The activation of cannabinoid CB2 receptors stimulates in situ and in vitro beta-amyloid removal by human macrophages. (abst - 2009)
    The activation of cannabinoid CB2 receptors stimul... [Brain Res. 2009] - PubMed result

    THC also activates the CB2 receptors! :yay:And that tells our little "clean-up crew" macrophages to get that dang plaque outta there! THC can help clean the stuff that causes Alzheimer's out of your brain! :eek:

    And I keep all these facts about cannabis in my head, I read medical studies on almost a daily basis, and I just hit 64. My brain seems to work just fine! :D

    Sweetie, we may forget where we left the car keys, but we WILL remember our grandkid's names! I can deal with that and I think you can, too! ;)

    Granny :wave:

  10. Owned.

  11. Can't wait to go smoke this bowl from my soda can
  12. In truth this man is right, the cannabinoid receptor was only found to be activated from marijuana. It evolved out of the sea worm, every known animal has it as well.

    Basically our govt doesnt want us to enjoy/know how just a simple plant, can outweigh years worth of pharmaceuticals. Its also the biggest, fastest growing industry ever.

    Half a trillion annually folks. On pills and drugs the us govt makes :eek:

    Even if only a fracton of that marijuana took away by helping people, the gov't is so greedy they won't allow that to happen.

    Pretty F*cked up to me.
    Just. A. Plant.

    Can Beat All The Bullshit!!
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    Can Beat All The Bullshit!!

    I am beating all that BS back with medical facts. Facts are the truth. And I think that should be "Cannabis beats all the "bull shit" medicines"!

    And that wasn't a pwn-ing, hon. When I do "pwn" a person, there is no doubt!

    She was just worried about the effects on memory and I gave her the information she needed, with a few comments about how things work. (Most of us forgot everything we learned in Bio 101, the minute we had the final grade! :wave:)

    Incidentally, you, or I saying something, doesn't really amount to much- we could be mistaken, trolling, or just psychopathic liars. :eek: However, having a few PubMed studies saying the same thing as you are, is pretty good evidence that you are right! ;)

    Granny :wave:
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    Doesnt sound phychopathic to me. Though i see what your saying granny
  15. definately the buds
  16. Yea my memory seems to be getting worse and worse. But its stupid things nothing like major events. Just little things like "what's the word I'm thinking of " type of thing.
  17. Sometimes I'll chill with one of my buddy's (were both always lit as fuck), and we'd go home, go to bed, wake up the next day, chill again and be like "Yo man what'd you do yesterday" ahahah, sometimes I don't even remember what I did that day. I hate when my dad asks me shit like "What'd you do today?" and I'm like "I don't know" ahaha
  18. I forget shit all the time and i also forget words alot words such as table or controller

    i also forget topics of conversation while in the middle of a sentence

    im 19 and have been smoking daily for like a year and a half

    my memories fucked but i did play contact hockey and football for most of my life so i believe thats a contributing factor too
  19. the reason we sometimes forget what we were talking about 3 seconds ago, is because i think that is Mary J's way of saying "STFU AND JUST FEEEEEL ME!!!!! FORGET WHATEVER NONSENSE YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT 5 SECONDS AGO AND FEEL THE MOMENT!!!!! "

    this is what terence mckenna described as the FELT PRESENCE OF IMMEDIATE EXPERIENCE <3 :bongin:

  20. fukin lol'd at "stfu and just feel me..."f

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