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Short term Club Card? (For wisdom teeth?)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Rictuar, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, i have a quick medical marijuana question.
    So im supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a few months (yes, i am over 18 ;)) and i was wondering about the possibility of getting prescribed a short term (like one to two week) club card instead of what im presuming will be opiates. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this? (Bay Area, Cali)
  2. No, wisdom teeth are not something that would be a qualifier for MMJ. As far as I know there aren't doctors that give a "short-term" card
  3. Also you're not even supposed to smoke after you get them out for a few days
  4. ^tinctures

    A doctor can write a prescription for as long as he wants up to a year I believe, but I doubt they'd do it for a month.
  5. If your CA most those clinics clearly state in their FAQ that you be given a temporary recommendation of one to no longer then three months accompanied with directions of what documentation you need to get copies of or what you need to get documented, and how to go about getting said copies or things documented, to receive a full one year recommendation upon your return with no further charges. :)

    Note that I'm not exactly telling you to go into one of thos canorml listed doc's claiming insomnia or other sleeping problems for a couple month recomendation. :rolleyes:
    That would be a fairly foolish idea.

    I would suggest just doing it like every other stoner with out medical problems if your goint to do it. :)

    And opoid meds aren't bad for a couple weeks, makes feel pretty good actualy. They don't help you with you're pain at all, in any way... Just make you stop caring that it hurts. :p
    In my experience any way.
  6. Not sure why you'd ONLY want it for a few weeks as opposed to a year, but either way it's unlikely you will get a recommendation for Wisdom Teeth. Highly unlikely.
  7. **DISCLAIMER** OK...I am going to be sarcastic now. I am not replying to any poster in particular, and only doing it, because I am highly sarcastic, by nature. I try to be funny, and don't always succeed, particularly in print. If you are offended by sarcasm, please do NOT read this post!!**END DISCLAIMER*

    Yeah, I heard that the US government has finally found out how awesome Cannabis is for a whole HOST of common household ailments!

    Here are just a few:

    Hang nails, whacking your finger in a door, insect bites (this one is currently on the floor of the Senate...Go Prop 291890645125!!), excessive exercise, getting braces put on, getting your hair foiled (only if it is really long, and bleach is required), pulled hamstrings, looking right into the sun for more than 1/2 of a second (Grow lights qualify here, but you have to look right at one for 2 seconds, and have a witness), hitting your head, ticks (any doesn't get rid of them, but if a strong Indica strain is used, they are too fucked up to do anything), really chapped lips, foot odor (YOU have to be bothered by it, and they WILL polygraph you on this one), Eyelash in your eye (must be someone else's lash, not your own), smelling cooking Brussel Sprouts if you don't like that smell.

    You get the idea.

    I heard that some people may qualify for plain Grumpiness. Nothing physiological, or anything.

    Just for being really grumpy.

    OK...done now...Off to work!!

    Oh yeah! I forgot!!

    I also heard that if you really hate your job, you might qualify as well!!

    [/End Sarcasm]

  8. you better be fucking careful if you're going to blaze after you get your wisdom teeth pulled. you can get dry sockets and i heard that is one of the most painful things ever.. there gonna give you vicodin or percs which fuck you up more then pot ever will so why the hell do you want a card anyway?
  9. /Signed.

    I cannot say that I have had this happen, but I know two people that will tell matter WHAT you not suck a straw, take a puff...etc. etc. etc. after a tooth is pulled, especially a wisdom tooth.

    They were told the same thing you and I were told, but they didn't listen.

    They said they would have gouged their own eyes out with a 16 lb bowling ball, using no hands, before they wanted to experience pain like that again.

  10. all right well thanks for the no smoking advice, and the whole answer even though it was not what i wanted to hear...
  11. #11 puffpuffere, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009

    Why bother paying $100 plus, for a 2 week recommendation? If it's to go in the dispensaries, just get a note carrying friend to sign you as their caregiver. I have heard of a very few non-MMJ doctors giving recommendations but I doubt if your dentist will. You can give it a try. Be very careful smoking anything as the suction could pull the "blood plug" out of the tooth socket and thats not a good thing. I've seen a 3 month note for a broken arm.

    Maybe you can get the note early because you're stressed about the up-coming surgery? lol
  12. IN California the "caregiver" status is up in legal limbo, so that won't work. And it's up in limbo because of people's actions like you describe.

    I can't stress enough, YOU DON'T WORK THE SYSTEM. Working the system will make the system go away, and we don't want that.
  13. This:
  14. What do you mean "caregiver status up in limbo"? I just signed my b/f up as caregiver w/no problem at all? Maybe the Bay Area is different? Anyone should be allowed to be a caregiver as it does serve a purpose. Most people use clubs only because they have to, or for a first time novelty. Prices in the clubs are at the top of the chart. You can get it just as good and cheaper on the streets.
    Working the system won't make it go away, it will just make it harder to access. If it is truly suppose to be for medicinal reasons, then they should make it tougher to access. But we all know that's BS. "Systems" will always be worked. There is no changing that. It's not like smoking pot is going to make you an honorable person.
    Bottom line: I'd rather see the kid "fake" his way into a pot store then prescribe him narcotics.
  15. He is talking about the Attorney General's new guidelines released over the past summer.
    Like said before it is in a legal "limbo". You can become a caregiver with no problem but if your b/f ever goes to court it may not hold up.
  16. Ok, I get it. Thanks for the clarification. I have heard these new laws. I remember having to read over them because I grow for patients as a caregiver. It just didn't seem to have an effect on assigning a caregiver when going into a club, but it will if you make it as far as having to go to court.

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