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  1. Hey I was on attitude a few weeks back and saw a new seed called super haze by short stuff seeds. I was wondering if anyone has some feedback on these seeds and how much they produce.
  2. Don't buy autos, If you stop buying them people will stop making them.
  3. your a goof clearly i want them
  4. I got one growing now which was afreebie from attitude.It is alredy in 2nd week flowering .It auto flowered at 3 weeks.It appears to be doing good and healthy but I dont think the yield will be is a pic if it helps.

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  5. Your girl looks healthy to me. Mine is at about 5 weeks with no sign of flower. So much for stability of strain. I put a post up about mine as it is getting taller (almost 2') but no flowers yet. I need to top it or something. Any help is appreciated!

  6. i guess i got lucky,mine just started flowering on its own at 3 weeks.Not too familiar w/auto's.Just a freebie and thought I would give it a try.Stinks pretty good already though.
  7. They start off that way. It takes about 120 days to finish super cali haze. Mine didn't start showing signs of flowering until about week 7-8, and as of now it's been real slow. It's also a very tall plant, I had to bend her cause I have a ghetto setup lol.

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    autos are good and are improving. they can be especially great for taming the size of giant sativas without wrecking the buzz like afganicrap/ stop growing THAT shit and people can start knowing what it is to get high again.

    autos will eventually prove to be the most popular strains it think not only for cabinet growers, but for outdoor stealth (14"... grow it inside your bushes etc.) as well as sea of green cash crappers. they're getting to be like quick little miniature top colas you can cram twice as many under a 400 watter with & get faster turnarounds.

    i'm going to be breeding with autos myself. C99 crossed with a 14" hindu kush or even better 18" AK-47/hindu could be the perfect couchlock free "indica" building block to re-engineer haze with IBLs without the odor & couchlock of starting with afghanicrap.

    as an indica despiser, autos are the best route to finally getting an indoor thai even if it grows the size of average plants.

    autos are no longer the 1st generation spawn of virtually THC free ruderalis. they've been selected for potency & resin now while retaining the faster flowering and with indicas bred for compactness gotten even smaller. there's no doubt in my mind that the sparkling resin glands of tiny road kill skunk flumpy's lowdown mystery would satisfy any stoner if not a high flyer. i bet he used some superfunk strain like OG kush or C13 to make that. you know what? i'm going to drop that right now as it will catch up to my C99s quick and put some of that jizz in there. LOL how's the name mystery date sound?

    "i'm gonna need a bigger fan & a few more layers of charcoal!" LOL

    see what you started?

    the other reply had my update about dropping my 1 flumpy in water then realizing if it's a male, i'd like to use it in a breeding session some day. i'll pop one of my other autos though, probably royal haze by it's name anyways.

  9. How did yours turn out?

  10. hey im wanna invest in some auto seeds.which breeder has the best autos right now??
    as in most consistant and most yield for a auto strain.

    ty greenwatcher_
  11. i would say that lowdown's 14" auto indian kush has to be a top 10 contender for sea of green density. i admired the only mildly couchlocking buzz i got out of low odor troublemaker freebies by doc. it wasn't like afghanicrap skunk & stone. that can't be shabby as a building block for better indoor plants.

    adding some sativa AND skunk, their 18" AK-47 hindu kush doesn't sound shabby and might turn into a 15" plant when crossed with pure energy C99.

    if you can buy them, flumpy's roadkill skunked lowdown mystery is a tiny sparkling stoner i was flowering under a 24/7 shop light. while not an auto, barney's stoned & high & the same time LSD looks to be a shorty. that would be an interesting strain for anyone looking to get a mild cat sprayed grapes (not quite blueberry) & flowers odor cross with an auto.

    i bet an easy top 3 crowd pleaser would be whoever has the best auto blueberry. BB is the #1 favorite strain according to a poll.

    if anyone just buys beans at attitude, they can collect a bunch of freebies to sample & pick personal favorites from.

    there are starting to be so many crosses with lowryders that it's easier to pick & chose for strains that rank high for an individual's preferences. you could go for a flavor strain like cheese, blueberry, or diesel. there are a bunch of white widow crosses and you're likely to get one in any UFO sighting. if maximum yield is the goal, then 14" hindu kush is as small as i've heard. the color seekers even have a lavender violet auto now that i bet gets crossed with blueberry very soon by someone. it shouldn't be hard to get a 2 foot tall purple blueberry plant with a few generations of selective breeding.

    if everyone abandoned sativas for indicas for indoor yield, within 10 years they will abandon indicas for ruderalis going BACK to sativas, only not for THC. i kinda like the irony of that. sativas win after all! ha! in your face cash crappers! LOL

    now if only the trippiest buzz could be selected for without compromising with couchlock, sativas could make a comeback. there's just no comparing the buzz.

    i imagine i'll likely buy an SCH to try it again. that and aome apollo 11 sounds nice.
  12. I have something informative note for newbies related to super haze... :D
    1/ Yield Sog = Very High
    2/ Flowering Period weeks = 9 (9-10)
    3/ THC Percentage = Null (11.9)
    4/ Type\t= Mostly Sativa
    5/ Harvesting Month = 11
    6/ Seed Bank = Dutch Passion
    7/ Climate = Indoor
    8/ Feminized Marijuana Seeds = No
    9/ Effect = High
    10/ Difficulty = Normal

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