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  1. short story

    me and couple of people drive around looking for a spot to blaze it real fast. we find this private parking area, no nothing except 1 big truck to hide my small little car from public view. we get done and as we are rolling down my car windows i see a popo in my back mirror. officer comes up and asks "what are you guys doing here?" my friend goes "we were just leaving officer." then the officer says "take ur time jus wanted to make sure u guys weren't toking it too hard..." he laughed and we jus drove off.
  2. ha thats awesome :)

  3. .
  4. Hahahaha, good shit.
  5. ya my guess is you were dreaming or live in california lol
  6. Hahaha I wish the police in my town were chill like that. They woulda bust our asses and searched us right there.
  7. thats fucking cool man, +rep for being caught and using the "just leaving officer" line like you had business being there

  8. hahaha.... i DO live in cali, and the cop was black ( not trying to be racist here ).

    not only that, there is another black Security Guard for the parking lot across this LAN center i go to often, he slangs too. ^^ so i guess i can say i've blazed w/ a security guard.

  9. something liek that happend to me the other day. i wa sin this little hut in a park with benches.the black guy with some sort of uniform rude in on his bike.i joke to my friend about the man, cant remember what i said and why i said he was there he was there,i never noticed he was police.,,the man walked up to a homeless dude and woke him up.and siad that it sinks of weed in here.then he left......but the funny thing is,,,i snever notice he was police, my friend did.i saw he was wearing some kind of uniform, and it had a little badge saying police,,i was so high,,i was thinking "why is that man wearing all black, and looks like some sort of important uniform" after i clocked,,,shit police!! lol too late anyway, he didnt care....

    usualy i am sharp to notice i was just really zoned.
  10. Theres a probation officer I go whitewater rafting with all the time thats a huge pothead, one day he decided to bring the warden of the local detention center rafting and I blazed it up with the warden too.

    Colorado cops are like that, usually if they roll up on you smokin they will let you go or worst case scenario make you stomp your piece and bud.
  11. that's so badass. nothing like that would ever happen here. +rep, dude.
  12. Cops are like that in Southern Cali too. Ive heard of friends who had cops roll up on them when they were blazing and the most that the cop did was make them throw it in the gutter, if that. Someone here told me that most of the cops dont care about weed, they just want to make sure you arent doing hard shit.

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