Short Story Ideas

Discussion in 'General' started by kushman2020, May 25, 2009.

  1. Alright everyone. I need to write a short story for my English class. It must be horror, mystery, or suspense. Anyone have any good ideas for a story like this?:confused:
  2. Write one about a stoner pot dealer who finds a big fat nug of Granddaddy Purps missing and tries to find out who stole it :D.
  3. turkey mating seasons.
  4. How about a typical stoner freaking out that he lost his stash, you can build on that.
  5. Some guy goes and uses the bathroom, finds a dead body and somehow circumstances line him up to be the prime suspect.
    Then just line up the events that prove him to be innocent, or have him martyred.

    Just off the top my head, maybe you can work with it.
  6. the door bell rings. a man enters, holding a human head. suddenly a cat jumps out of a closet. THE END
  7. take "apartment 223" or "neighbors next door" by dr dooom and elaborate on that. throw in some more gore, dead rats, and bone smells for a quick horror story.
  8. A lot of these made me lol.

    I'm thinking someone discovers the last plant of purple haze and needs to save it, but is trying to be killed by dealers who dont want the plant on the market

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