Short smoking vid. 420th post.

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    So I put together a little smoking video for my 420th post. Hope you guys enjoy.
    Its a sobe bong drilled with grommet style slider.
    what does everyone think?
    Put on some music and enjoy.
    View My Video
  2. That's solid man. HUGE hit
  3. nice milkvid dude.
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    nice video man :D
  5. Thanks for the replies. Ive been on this forum for a while now and I still don't know how to embed the video. Can any one help me out?
  6. Howd that lighter fluid taste?
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    Honestly I cant taste it when I'm smoking ground up bud.
    When I take hits of keef I always use a glass rod heated with a torch. Keef hits with a lighter has a different taste and is wasteful.

    New bud I just picked up.

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  8. nice dude...howd u make that?
  9. A dremel and two different bits that came with the kit.
    By far one of the most useful tools I have.

  10. thats sum nice bud man:smoking:

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