'' Short Rider Organic Soil + Ferts HPS Grow ''

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  1. '' Short Rider Organic Soil + Ferts HPS Grow ''

    Welcome back to the Stickyfingaz mad house. Iv Just finished my MI5 grow and before the HPS has had a chance to cool down I'm back with Short Riders. Iv read so many Good and Bad things about this strian that I'v decided to try it myself. My Set up is the following;

    .X 30 Regular Short Rider Seeds.
    .Home mixed orgainic soil.
    (60% mushroom compost, 20% worm castings and 20% Perlite)
    .Bio-Bizz Grow + Bio-Bizz Bloom + Mollassess.
    .PH Ajusted Water 6.3.
    .1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m Bud Box.
    .Air Cooled 600W HPS.
    .Air Cooled 400W HPS.
    .125mm inline fan for intake.
    .150mm fan for out take.
    .Carbon filter.
    .30 inch tower fan.
    .40cm Crome Fan.

    The Seeds have cracked and planted them into smallish plant pots in trays. they will stay here untill Sex is know males will be killed barr 2 and 2 females will be used to seed in another room. The Remaining Females will be then repotted into 13L Poly Pots for the remainder of the grow. Once plants have started flowering another 400 watt HPS will be added.

    Plants are expected any day now!! stay tuned people!!


  2. Forgot Pics!!

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