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  1. I've had the same long 'Justin Bieber' hair since the seventh grade, I am now a freshman in college and I'm ready for a change. I've wanted to cut if for quite awhile but I never did because I'm worried I'll look strange with short hair but I'm sick of it. I have very fine straight hair. Anybody have some advice? Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  3. i guess you could just continue copying justin beiber's hair
  4. Just cut it off it bothers you, fuck what others think
  5. clones perhaps? 
  6. Look into a quiff! I would do one but my hair is too thick :/

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    What I usually go for is: 
    - 4 around the sides
    - 5 on top
    - Graduated & Tidy neck line 
    - Fringe that goes from side burn to side burn all the way around.
    - Barber must know how to specifically layer the fringe down so that hair isn't one length over lapping.  
    - Slightly thinned through at the end. 
    & still, I have to settle with these barbers close to my house that can't cut hair for shit, can't wait to get my driving license back.
    Edit, oh yeah.... barber must also know how to snip into hair in all places so that its uneven. Kinda like a deep zig zag snip if hair is kept a little longer than a 5 on top.    
  8. Part of me wants to try getting a haircut with a really short taper like that, but I have kind of a wide face so I feel like I would look funny :laughing:
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  9. I had this, so I went like a marines cut

    hated it ...then liked it, I was in a swim team

    as it grew out I liked it more

    and have been short?? since

    good luck
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    I not so like short mens cuts .
    I like waves or a dark caesar the best especially after he has gotten a hair cut. I use to love braids but I don't know how to braid and don't really want a man whose hair is longer then mines unless he has dreads. I like those too a little but they have to be well taken care of with a line up.

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  11. How about pubes? Do they have to trimmed or is that also one of your billion deal breaker.

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