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  1. So it has been almost 5 weeks since she sprouted from seed and she is staying quite short and bushy. Currently at around 6 inches tall. At first (around 2 weeks ago) I tried to LST sideways but her stems just were not cooperating because the stems are so short. I accidentally topped her after a few days of trying that (which I think was a good accident) and ever since I have been trying to LST the branches growing off the main stem out which seems to be going okay. I am just concerned because of the lack of this going to be an issue? I am thinking another 2 weeks or so until I switch to 12/12, what do you all think? I was using just CFLs (4x daylight 40 true watts / 160 total true watts) at first but I have been using a 300w viparspectra LED the last week with just 2 of those CFLs for side lighting. Here are some pics:
  2. Short and bushy is good. More stem means more wasted space, also if you LST , the plant will stay relatively short. You don't want too much spacing between nodes, plus they'll atleast double during the flower stretch. IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1374.JPG
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  3. They look good!:)
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  4. Thank you! Do you think another 2 weeks of veg is a good estimate or is it hard to say?
  5. Another question - I would really love to get 2 oz, is that an unrealistic pipe dream for this plant? LOL. I really want an oz for myself to last until my next grow (gonna do two next time and will get another LED) and an oz to give away to friends and family.
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    Getting 2 oz is not a pipe dream... You're in the right direction I'd imagine you'd get around that. But if you have room to grow the plants taller I'd veg it another month.

    We started our plants around the same time . Check out my grow If you want... It's kind of chaotic but it's always fun to look at grows side by side that started within a week of each other.
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  7. In you want more, let them veg a lil longer, maybe around 7 flip, they'I'll still double. Have you topped or fimmed? I did both LST and topping and I've ended up with over 30 tops, hoping for a few oz off each plant. *fingers crossed*. My second grow is about the same timing as you guys, I love looking at pics and comparing. I have a perpetual grow. 3 in flower 3in veg 3clones starting and 3 seeds starting...Ive run out of room though. I'm thinking of getting a third tent this time 4x8 atleast. I just have to find the some more pics if you can.
  8. I noticed in your grow journal your growing special queen? Is that the one your growing now? What week are you at if you are? I'm growing the same one in all three stages. I hav one sq in flower one in veg and I took a cutting before I flipped the first one.
  9. Yes my sharks didn't germ so my main one is the special queen #1 and it was germinated on Dec 21st sprouted probably around the 23rd [​IMG][​IMG]

    Heres a couple pictures of her now.... She's pretty bushy I had her tied for a bit but untied her a few days ago... Actually tying her down again some right now.

    A bit of nitro toxicity but it'll be good before I flip
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  10. My special queen tripled during stretch, I have to put over a gallon back a day. She's thirsty but I've heard she has great yields.

    Here's before flip IMG_1285.JPG
    Here's two weeks later.
  11. You're In between both of mine . The first one I planted on dec 16th the second one I planted on jan 2nd the I took a cutting around Jan 20th
  12. Just a little update, around six and a half weeks since sprout and bushier than ever. Hoping once I switch to 12/12 that she will get a little height! She measures around 8 in high and 19 inches wide. Here is a photo with no LED:
    And here is a photo taken from above with LED that better shows the tops:

    Any suggestions or constructive critism is appreciated! I am probably going to start the transition to flower this weekend.
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  13. She looks good I'm sure she'll start branching out a bit when you flip.

    Gonna repot before the flip?
  14. IMAG0889.JPG
    Two months running 20/4 with @6500k CFL; not as compact as yours but kept low with the intention to re-veg when they are harvested. Cloning seems beyond my scope after several dismal failures but the re-veg is effortless. Currently working my first three through their second coming and all are outshining their first run.
  15. short and bushy is the way to go! looking good man. im subbed up. check my journal if you get bored. :)
  16. Thanks, wasn't planning on repotting, no. Do you think I should? Not sure exactly what size the current pot is but I would guess around 3 gallons (was just a pot I had laying around). Just affraid I will damage when moving because I have never repotted before and I was hoping by going to flower when it's still pretty smallish would help prevent it from getting root bound.
  17. Lookimg good! I am not even going to attempt cloning this time...maybe next grow. I don't have an ideal setup right now (in a room we are working on renovating) so hoping to put together something more sensible setup for my next grow where I can maybe have a separate veg and flower area to experiment with cloning and get a perpetual grow going.
  18. Looks great...Bushy is an understatement...loveit..(Indica?)
  19. I would repot if I were you man and it's really not that bad I promise... that root ball will more than likely be holding all that dirt in place. Hell I pulled a plant out of a 5 gal bucket with ease.
  20. Special queen #1 it's a hybrid... Sadly my pretty pure indica strains didn't germate.... I may try to buy some more shark widow in the future just because I was looking forward to them haha... But Ill take what I can get I'm just happy the special queen made it. I have a couple bag seeds growing along side you can check my grow out if you want. I just flipped I topped and tied down one bag seed because it's insanely sativa and I don't have room haha. I would like atleast one of the bag seeds to be female just to grow a little bud from a different plant along side my main one.
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