Short and random episodes of depression. Please help

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  1. Hello all, I am a senior in high school, and have been dealing with anxiety issues since freshman year. I have also been through a long episode of being depressed when I was 14. I practically sat inside all day for almost a whole school year.

    Anyways, around the beginning of this school year I have been noticing that I just end up going through times of extreme sadness. Nothing really triggers this either. I guess I can call them episodes. These episodes of depression never last more than a day. They are usually a few hours long. I don't really know what to make of this. Sometimes it gets to the point where I contemplate suicide, but I know that I would never do it.

    Does anyone have any advice on this? Any help would be appreciated.
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    You're probably chemically imbalanced, which is more common than you think.

    How does marijuana affect you?

  3. Weed makes me happy, and relieves me of my anxiety. I do get paranoid when im high, but not to the point where I freak out or anything. I am able to understand that it is the drug that is making me paranoid. Weed also makes me over think social interactions waaaay too much.
  4. I've got manic depression, and have done since I was 14. I have been diagnosed with 'social anxiety' and 'social phobia' by many doctors, and I, similar to you, stayed in my home for a long time without leaving. Not being a dick, but do you have many friends? Literally the only person I ever hang out with is my girl, but rarely I'll hang out with people and it sort of makes me feel better.

    All you can really do is consult a doctor, and just try to keep yourself occupied. Do whatever it is you enjoy, but try to do it outdoors and make a day of it. Try eating healthier and doing more exercise as well. That always makes me more positive, personally :)

  5. I actually have alot of friends, and am pretty social when it comes to meeting new people, parties etc. I have talked with my Consoler about this before and he told me that depression and anxiety are often linked, but really did not offer me anymore advice. I am not seeing him anymore though.
  6. when i get randomly depressed, change helps
  7. Same shit happens to me
  8. join a club at school or something...

    look at those happy doucher kids and do what they do
  9. I have the same exact problem.... Plenty of friends, girlfriend, life's going good but i just cant help but feel depressed... And its just sometimes and only for a little... usuallygets set off by somethig tiny that doesnt go my way and i over think it....Weed makes me happy and relieves my anxiety but i cant always smoke it because of parents and stuff
  10. I have this too!

    Oh no wait, no I don't. I just get a little antsy when I run out of weed.
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    Not to be a dick, but doesn't sound like depression. If it was persisting or lasted for months at a time or even days/weeks maybe, but a few hours? That's just called being sad about something.

    As for the contemplating suicide thing, what causes these 'fits' of 'depression'? A counselor once told me that people (who aren't generally suicidal) often contemplate suicide when things don't go their way because it gives them a feeling of being in control and an 'easy out' if things aren't going in a way they desire

    Regardless of what it is, best of luck to you
  12. Yeah man,this is exactly how I feel. Except for the girlfriend thing haha.
  13. Hey man, i go through the same things. I have paranoia and im suicidal. And i usta just sit in my house 2. But i relized im mostly sad cuz im an outside kind of guy and i like to hang out with people. So if it helps go out get a group of ur friends and go to a lake or sumthin and light up :)

    Hope i helped
  14. Listen to some good music and STOP worrying about what people think about you. Literally STOP. That doesn't mean be an asshole, just be yourself. Once you are out of high school and start working you will see the difference life brings.

    You say you sit inside all day, well guess what? That's what you'll be doing as a normal working adult.

    You've got a long way to go brother. I'm 23 and I was in your shoes not that long ago. I'm still learning myself. We need to help our brothers.
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    Dude you described me exactly. I know what you're going through...when you get down, just remember that you'll feel better soon. I was on antidepressants for a while, but that's not what life is supposed to be like. I don't have much advice besides enjoy the good times and respect the bad times. Don't do anything crazy (I've done many things I regret when I've been in a bad state of mind)

    Edit: And DON'T use weed or alcohol to try and make things better. They're only temporary fixes
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    I suggest you stop smoking weed. i went through the same phase. it seems tough at first but if you accept that you are going to have anxiety and depression it seems easier to deal with, rather than smoking to avoid them.

    also i suggest getting meditation or learning a mantra like the hare Krishna Maha mantra, to chant any time you feel anxious or depressed.
  17. Cut back on smoking, work out. You'll change for the better.
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    This times 1000. I have stopped smoking and am doing much better lately. People don't want to admit it, but if you have mental problems, smoking weed can exacerbate them. I also suggest being outside a lot. That seems to help me

    And meditation can do wonders for depression. If you're depressed, you're thinking too much

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