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    My Seedling at day 27 - She looks better now that I backed my T5 light off. The tips were turning brown. Mainly I feel like it should be taller at this stage in its growth though .… The growth is so close together that I can barely count the stems. If I raise my lights it should stretch a bit right?

    (Edited to add a video that didn't work so just pics)
  2. it will stretch massively when flower begins, my plant atleast doubled
  3. Basically you want to keep the nodes tight as possible, it helps later with better bud formation. I would keep the light as close as possible without burning

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  4. Thanks for input- it seems to be growing in slow motion.
  5. sativa seeds blackberry was a slow grower, but wierd the time givin to flower is 75-80 days is getting a dark period now only going little less than 63,,
  6. That looks great mate! Keep them nodes as tight as possible! You'll get a better result when your crop comes in. Happy growing

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