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  1. Anyone tried keeping thier plants under 12 & 12 through veg and flower to keep them short and bushy? I'm working on limited space.
  2. if youre planning on keeping them under 12/12, youre eliminating veg. derp
  3. depending on how limited your space is, you may want to consider an auto. What are your growing conditions? More information will get you better answers. Oh and the prev reply is correct. A plant will not veg at all if under 12/12 through the cycle.
  4. I'd top and LST. Keeps them pretty short. I've got a good amount of bud coming, and they are only about 3ft. tall including the bucket. Short, bushy, and about a dozen cola's on each plant. ;)
  5. Agreed^

    Best way to keep em short and bushy. I LSTd and topped my sativa dom, and she is a short bushy monster.

    Indica doms grow short and compact naturally. You may want to look into some heavy dominant/pure indicas
  6. Hi Dog
    I tried to do that with my plants (17 inch OG Kush and only 7 weeks old)..
    1. I tried LST but couldnt really do that. SInce they were topped early on, I have 4 colas on each but when I tried to bend the stem, it felt like it would snap, so I stopped (see my post and the picture).
    2. How long with it start the growth if I top them again?

  7. 1. If it feels like it will snap do it a little bit each day until they are stretched to where you want them. Tough to say without seeing them, but personally I will always LST. I'm on my first grow, and LST'd before I knew what LST'ing was. It just made sense that if I pulled some branches out of the way more of the inner nodes will get light. Then if you couple that with topping the plants, topping them makes the top growth stop for a little bit so all the inner nodes explode outward and make a bush.

    2. Not sure how long as every plant/strain is different, but if you top you should wait about 2 weeks before you switch to flowering so they have time to recover. Tough to tell without a picture and knowing what it looks like, but I love topping and LST. It's definitely something I plan on doing every time I grow some. More cola's = more bud. They may be a little smaller than the 1 big bud if you didn't top, but they will make up for it in weight. Check out my sig. Keep in mind those were all bagseed, so the genetics are suspect, but my best plant is growing like mad, and is already looking very nice. It's very tough for me to guess yield, especially being on a first grow, but I'll be surprised if it ends up under 3 oz. dried. It's been impressive for bagseed. lol.
  8. Nice crop you have there, my friend.
    Watering my girls tonight and I will try to do some tecniques over the next few nights.
    I heard that they become much more flexable after watering... I need to get my SCROG screen soon. That way I can train all the time at ease
  9. Thank you. With my plant that's almost ready I have the nice problems that the buds are getting pretty heavy for the branches, so I may have to tie them up before too long. Not sure how much longer it has. At least 2 weeks, but maybe slightly longer. Not sure yet.
  10. I would be interested to see the picture of that mate
  11. Failsafe supercropping
    Always pinch the stem first where you want to kink it.
    What you wanna do is crush the fibers a bit with your squeeze. Then bend it over.
    Now no fear of real stem breakage.
  12. Did that last night. Just heard one little "snap"but couldn't font the breakage. The stems on my flowers are pretty tuff. I had to apply a lot of pressure for it to give in a little bit.

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