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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KaosTheory, May 12, 2011.

  1. I've seen this floating around houston in the past, but not as of recently.

    Anyone in the Texas area have any info on it?

    I'd love to grow a clone, as thats all I've heard you can get..

    But I dont know, There's alotta back story and myth about shoreline.

    so I dont know, But what I do know is, that the very few times I've had it, it's always been the same.

    thanks ahead of time.

  2. have had it before it was very nice u should clone it forsure
  3. it's the same guy that's been growing it for years, he's kind of a douche and will charge out the ass for a clone. but when you get weight he's tight, he just doesn't want anyone ruining the strain
  4. Oh, so u know him?
  5. Love this strain had it come around a couple months ago, its a hybrid and the sativa side is so awesome, it gives everything you see a nice sparkle.I know it's mostly a texas only strain and wish I had a constant supply of it. I don't think its limited to just one person thats a bit silly.

  6. believe it or not, its pretty secluded as to where it comes from. and whatever anyone wants to say, its a fucking OG cut. Which can be sativa heavy. but its fucking fire.

    i notice alot of cats around here in houston saying they got shoreline and its just NL5 or some whatevers type of nugget.

    that purple has been around though and has been super danky lately!
  7. [​IMG]

    shoreline from late 09
  8. Been wanting to try this strain. Heard a lot about it on here. Wish some would creep up North into OKC. Maybe next time I find myself in Houston...
  9. honestly the most euphoric strain I have had is shoreline.
  10. Just picked up a zone of the real deal holyfield. Ill have some pics later. I got the end of the pound so its small nugs but I am not complaining!
  11. JETLIFE... I just got some shoreline too..smaller buds also..haha wtf
  12. Looks like we in the same area player. =O

    Smelling like dogshit and lemon??????? Hahahaha
  13. that shit looks fucking crazy :OOO
  14. U guys need to hit me up!
  15. [​IMG]

    Recent shoreline skunk!

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