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    Edit: Thought i should mention my intended grow space:
    7FT Height, 5 1/2FT wide and the ceiling is slanted, lowest is 5 FT and slides up to 6ft. 2.6ft Depth
    So, before I go out and buy all the wrong thing's or missed some important items, here's what I've got so far. I dot have a great deal of money to yield into growing /yet/ but i plan on getting better stuff when possible.

    1x 70watt HPS -- Heard these are good for all-round growing.
    2x computer fans
    2x 9v psu
    several peat moss pots
    3x 1/2 gallon pot

    2x bags of tomato growing soil(20-10-10. aiming for higher N than P/K)
    1-2x rolls of plastic sheets
    1x White-white paint

    Thats all i can really afford to get so far. Other things I'm going to be saving for are

    Digital PH meter(hoping to spend less than £20 on it)
    humidifier( Again, hoping to save a bit on this)

    As for nutes, I'm very unsure as to what ones to get.

    I know skimping with prices isn't something I should do. You get what you pay for, ect.
    Once I win the lottery I'm wanting to build my own hydro setup..Seems like its gonna cost allot. =D
    Advice/suggestions welcome!
  2. Ballast

    That's gonna cost ya another 200
  3. Nutes:

    Fox Farm Grow Big
    - For vegetative stage

    Fox Farm Tiger Bloom
    - For flowering stage
  4. WAT
    I was thinking of making them myself with the wooden planks I have laying around. Considering what would be a good reflector, though.

    Thanks, I'll look up on these :)
  5. You want to make a ballast from planks of wood!? You know what a ballast does?
  6. Also that soil will fry you're plants get stuff with no nutes at all.
  7. Pro-mix BX would work well from what I understand...

    But 20-10-10 would be a bit much...
  8. i can believe that as I nute from sprout using hydro. But I know exactly whats going in.
  9. What are the nute ratios for Pro Mix BX? I can't seem to find it...
  10. Ye-ah.. I know what one is now. I assumed it was something else.

    20-10-10 is a bad idea? God I'm reading some screwed up guides. -_-
  11. 20-10-10 is a bad idea for seedlings. Seedlings are very susceptible to death by overfeeding, so you need to be careful not to give them too many nutrients. FoxFarm Ocean Forest is really good, as is the ProMix stuff. Look online or on eBay for some good prices.

    You can also get a whole lighting system online for about 200 bucks (w/out shipping) or maybe even less. If you can afford it, I'd go for more like 250W HPS, which will run you around 200 bucks. Try; you can even make your own custom system! HPS can be used for both, but MH is better for vegging. You can get a switchable ballast (can run both MH and HPS bulbs) for only a bit more than the HPS-only ballasts, and it uses the same reflector, so all you'd need extra is an MH bulb at the right wattage. About 250 total, plus shipping.

    On the other hand, you could just opt to go cheap and use CFLs. But you'll likely end up buying HPS or MH lights in the end if you planning on growing more than once anyway.
  12. Thanks for all your kind help. I'll read that right now.

    Cheers mate, I'll have a gander around that site.
    Don't think I'll get CLF's though, ill probably go for HPS/MH as you suggested.

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