shopping list idk what to get!

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  1. Hello what materials would I need to buy to do a cheap-med (price range) grow in possibly a custom built grow box

    also what are essential and smart things to use when building a grow box (fans, lights, etc.)

    please help me asap!



  2. Read the stickies. Also, hydro or soil?
  3. ive never grown before but if i did i would want to try hydro
  4. Soil is generally more forgiving according to most of the things I've read. If you consider it, somebody found this the other day.
    HTG Supply - 400 Watt Organic Soil Grow Kit

    As for hydro, there's a tutorial to build a bubble bucket that people have had great success with, search the forums for that. Or if you buy a hydro setup, just make sure there's enough room... they do get big. Also, read up on sog, scrog, LST, and topping. They are all great ways to keep your plants small and bushy in a smaller setup.

    Personally, I'm going to start up a mrgrowpro hydro system soon.
    You can find them at Home -
    If you buy the hydro model, it can also be used for soil if you change your mind.

    If you want a bigger setup than a computer case, buy the first system and do soil, or build a bubble bucket, buy a grow tent, get some HID lights (Indoor Grow Lights by High Tech Garden Supply | Your Online Hydroponics Store has plenty)... shove it in your closet and turn that baby on.

    As for a general checklist... you need

    1. pH meter (digital preferred)
    2. Digital thermometer and hygrometer
    3. pH up/down
    4. Nutrients (BC, FoxFarm, Advanced Nutrients, Dyna-Gro)
    5. Light Timer
    6. Growing Medium
    7. SEEDS!
  5. hey man you seem really cool thanks. and as for nutrients what am i looking for as in like what specific product would ii be looking for inside advanced nutrients ex like.. advanced nutrients.... bloom. like which product would i use. and also is buying seeds illegal, and is it possible to buy them with a pre paid visa

  6. No problem, just trying to do my part for the community after all it's helped me.

    Technaflora offers a pretty nice starter kit already bundled. Bloom, Boost, Grow
    Foxfarm has a "Hydroponic Trio" with Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom
    And Advanced Nutrients has a starter kit as well. Micro, Grow, Bloom.

    Buying seeds as souvenirs is not illegal, and yes you can buy them with a prepaid VISA as well. Check the seed bank section of the forums for more info... Attitude Seeds seems to be the favorite, they have good prices as well for high quality seeds
  7. thank you very much for the help. i cant stand having to actually buy weed its ridiculous should be legalized now anyway

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  11. Yo bud...thought I'd add my 2p to this list. I don't mean to condescend, but it sounds like you're very much starting at the beginning, and as such, I wanted to elaborate on some things. First, Chombie mentioned growing medium. If you haven't already picked something out, a few things to consider. Rockwool is popular, but requires conditioning before use to alter the pH (not pH suitable for baby plants). So rockwool conditioner is an extra thing you have to buy. I'd skip it, and go for expanded clay pellets (look like little brown marbles), mixed with perlite. They work great, and allows you fill up a net basket. Also, I'd skip the Fox Farm nutes, as they're a little tricky to use (ex. two diff bloom nutes, have to decide which and when). Advanced is very good, and very straightforward. Bubble buckets are awesome, and a great way to begin. Also, you can make a very simple DWC system with a rubbermaid container and an air pump. Last thing to pick up is some reflective material to line your grow box. White paint will reflect up to 95% of your light, while a shiny material like an auto sunshade will reflect about 97%. Very important, as otherwise, you're just wasting lumens. Also, it helps get light to the under branches, which can produce a lot of bud. Good look with your first grow!
  12. thank you bombs... now comes seeds. i was hoping u could recommend a strain from attitude seedbank, one that would be <50$ with shipping included. and also one with a good high and high yield tysm and if i decided hydroponics does that mean you add the nutes straight into the water and you just readjust the water or add fresh water every couple of days?

  13. Photoperiod or autoflowering? Autoflowering are less maintenance but generally lower yields. Photoperiod take longer and require switching of light cycles to flower.

    Hydroponics is best run if you replace the old water with new water once a week or so. Put the nutes into the new water you're adding... balance pH, check ppm, etc. Drain the container with your current water. If you build the bubble bucket from this forum I believe he tells how to make a drainage valve... not like you cant figure that out yourself. Add the new water. All done.
  14. ok ty and hmmm well what would you recommend auto or photo? it will be my first go. i was thinking photo for the higher yield but idk and strain wise which seed should i pick (price must be under or =50 including shipping)

  15. For your first go, I'd probably go autoflower... just because they are quicker. If you mess up something... where a photo plant might die, the autos are more tolerant, mainly on the subject of light. You can leave them on 20/4 through their entire cycle.

    Lowryder Easy Ryder (AKA Lowryder #2 x AK47)

    Those are some nice ones...
    What i gave you is all multiple seed packs, so they will probably end up being over $50 with shipping, etc.

    So, you can do a "Pick & Mix" and buy single seeds of them from Attitude. They throw in freebies as well that are photoperiod... so you could try those.
  16. what do you mean by pick n mix, and ty those look very very nice. btw if the bud is purple does that even mean anything special?

  17. Pick and mix allows you to buy different strains, or even one.. just one seed at a time instead of a pack of 3 or 5. And no, some strains are purple just because. Some are purple and have a different flavor. Some indicas will turn purple if they are cold.
  18. thank you also on a side note, would these plants do well planted outside in srping? and if theyre planted outside do i need special soil and or nutes?

  19. Outside, depending on where you're from the plants will do fine from about may to october. However, it would be somewhat difficult to mimic the light schedules... search the forums for more on this, I know much more about indoor growing so i'll leave this one to the experts.

    You'd use soil nutes rather than hydroponic ones, and you'd need different soil for your pots... don't pull it from your yard.

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