shopping list for grow closet. help plz lol

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  1. hey all i plan on starting a grow closet for 1 or 2 plants and was wondering if this is a good shopping list to start one.

    1}1 gallon pots

    2}worm castings

    3}some type of growing soil (recommendations?)

    4}small table

    5}spray bottle

    6}extra nutes (what are some good ones?)


    8}4 cool and 4 warm flouresent lights (is this enough?)

    9}some type of lamps for the lights (do i need a special kind and will it plug into an outlet?)

    10}extention cord

    11}magnfying glass

    12}ph/ec and temp/humidity monitoring equipment

    13}carbon filter (will it stop smell completely? nobody in the house can know about the grow so i need it to be odorless)
  2. anybody? lol
  3. 1) 1 Gallon might be a little bit too small. Try to opt for something bigger

    3) Check the absolute beginner's section for soil mixes. I use a 60-40 mix of compost and local soil. You can also add some perlite/vermiculite if you like.

    6) There are many different kinds of nutes. Check NPK ratio and ask the other members, I'm not too advanced with nutes.

    8) Try to opt for Daylight (6500K) for vegging and 2700K for flowering (= Warm White). As a general rule, 100Watts of CFL is the minimum for a plant. You can start off with a lot less than that when its still small but no part of the plant must be left in the dark.

    9) These bulbs plug into standard light holders. You can build your own using a light holder, some 2 core wire, and a socket.

    12) Ph needent be advanced: most people use litnus paper. Temperature and humidity monitoring equipement is a good idea. I've just ordered a digital hygrometer/thermometer from eBay for 10 bucks inc P&P.

    13) Carbon filters are great. you should definately inverst in one.

    You have forgotten several items:

    14) Oscillating fan, to cool the lamps and strenghten the plant by mimicing wind

    15) An exhaust/extractor fan
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    nah im not growing in a grow box just one plant in a 4 by 4 closet or about that.

    Edit: oh and do you mean like ducting tubes? how do i do that without air excaping?
  5. Ok, well you can either have:
    -an extractor fan and some ducting, to extract the air outside.
    -an extractor fan and a carbon filter mounted onto it
  6. if i extract the air outside wont it make it smell outside? i live next to some people idk if they would call the cops or anything but i dont want anybody smelling anything
  7. get a scrubber, hook it up to an exhaust fan, pump the air outside. that way the air is drawn through the scrubber, then pushed outside.

    this will also help greatly in keeping temps down and letting the girls breathe some fresh air. don't forget some passive intakes too!
  8. The carbon scrubber is meant to completely remove smells from the air. If you use a decent one it will work fine. Skimp on a cheapy one and you might regret it. There are LOTS of DIY tutorials on making a scrubber that will work well, just do a Google search for it

    As far as ducting, you can get either solid ducting or flex duct. Flex duct is the kinda stuff that connects your clothes dryer exhaust to the vent on the wall, basically looks like a slinky wrapped in aluminum foil :p
  9. You could look into doin some research on ONA or odor neutralizing agent. You can pick it up at most hydro shops and can set up a system that is pretty inexpensive with a 5 gallon bucket. just get a bucket with a lid, and put some ONA gel or liquid mixed with a lil bit of Soil Moist crystals into the bottom and fill approx. 1/2 way. then drill about 30 holes above your line and pick up a good high velocity 6 or 8 inch fan from wal mart and cut a hole for the fan to mount up into the lid for your bucket blowing out into the room. The result will be The fan will pull air into the bucket from the holes in the sides and then pull it up through the fan while also mixing it with the ONA ans Soil Moist and then blow it back into the air. You can get lemon scented or frsh linen and it is very strong. Its cost effective as well. about $30-40 compared to carbon scrubbers and filters which can be pricey. There is a thread here somewhere that shows how to make this and everyone who did raves about how their rooms smell so fresh like laundry and no herb whatsoever

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