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  1. Getting ready for my first ever grow,
    this is going to be in my home office closet so emphasis is on stealth, silence and lack of odor. I am not married to any of this just came up with this list after staring at this forum obsessively for the last week.

    Here is what I am thinking
    Secret Jardin DR60 tent (the width of my closet is actually only 20" so I will need to shorten the metal skeleton on one side

    Sun Systems 150w HPS

    x2 3 Gallon pots

    FFOF for soil mixed with perlite

    DIY Charcoal filter as outlined here and mounted inside the tent link

    Some sort of silent inline fan outside of the box sucking air through the scrubber (really struggling with a good fan solution)

    ActiveAir Hygro-Thermometer
    PH test kit
    Standard Fox Farm nutes? (still figuring this out)

    Still have to figure out what I want to grow, clones are easily available near me for $10 a pop so that seems like the way to go:
    Clones | San Francisco Patient and Resource Center
    Clones | Call 1.415.648.4420 for Medical Cannabis Delivery

    Would love to get some input on my list as well as what to grow - constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
  2. hey bro im bored and wandering around gc, so im help u out.
    i like the list so far, is the 150 air cooled? if so i have a great idea to help with heat and ur silent fan problem. buy a 4 inch eco-plus can fan. then wrap a thick blanket around it really tight and this will cut down on the sound. also if you hang it with biungie cords then there will be no vibration noise. you can get a great ventilation system goin with this thing!
    just hang the light put the filter hooked right to one side of the light or make a short elbow joint with ducting if there isnt enough space(less ducting the better=more air flow)then hang fan either in the closet or just outside of it and rig the exuasht to where u want to go this should work rather well
    if you plan to seal this closet for light leaks then you will need and intake_ preferably another 4inch fan.or you could just try and use the negative pressure for the exuahst fan, but postive pressure is always better
    if u are planing to use tap water then foxfarm nutes will work for you, foxfarm lacks in calcium and mag because it is designed for tap, if using RO water then buy som cal-mag for the botanicare line of nutes
    i just switched back to ffof becuase it is already ph balanced and little to nothing else needs to be added(mabey some perlite)
    a ph meter is the most imoptent thing that you have on this list, this will cost you the most amount of money besides mabey lights, i use the blue lab combo meter. it measure ph, e.c , and temp with just two probes. it set me back about 250$ but i would never go without it. i used to use strips for testing ph and cuased myself a buch of headaches
    hoped this help a lil let me no if i can do anything else
  3. i have a 4 1/2' x 3 ft deep tent i use now for my veg. anyway, i use two 6"ductbooster fans in the 6" ports in tent. one pulling in the side, the other blowing out the roof. with my sunblaz 40,000 lumin t-5, i stay around 80-85 degrees. and i also have a 6" clip on fan, to give them some added movement.

  4. I like your thinking. I have added vermiculite to the FFOF and perlite and it works well with soil compaction. The Secret Jardin is a great tent. Take a look at this one, however. It is 20" exactly. I have seen it sell on Ebay for as little as $50. You can Buy it now for $95. I own it and love it.

    Great seller, great quality!

    Good Luck and Have Faith!

  5. thanks for the heads up unclemick looks like this will fit the bill nicely!

  6. thanks for the advice - how loud would you say your exhaust fans are?

  7. there's alot of variables in that statement....

    brand of inline fan
    size of the fan
    is it on HIGH or LOW..
    insulated ducting
    how many bends in the ducting
    where are you measuring sound from(actual location)
    and how def you are....

    what sounds quiet to me... could be super loud to someone else....

    but, to answer your question.... quiet
  8. lets say you had it in a closet. Would the sound be easily noticeable in the room?
  9. all joking aside.... it seriously depends on age... with my hearing loss.. it sounds like a small hum.. im not that old.. but i do destroy my hearing

    but, if you can drill a hole in into the attic... and suspend your fan from bungie cords... no sound....

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