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  1. Hello fellow blades,

    today I am starting the long (and expensive) process of gathering my supplies. I was getting all excited and going to order seeds first but then realized I'm doing everything totally backwards and need to have ALL my supplies ready. I have a full thread setup with a post in the signature, but for now I'm just looking at some lights. I have a shopping cart on amazon I can share with someone if they want to PM and help me more one-on-one.

    this is the light i'm looking at to start my seeds under for now and eventually to do clones.....

    this is the light i'm looking at for the long haul

    I can't seem to find a tent to fit perfectly inside my fairly small space, so does anyone have a recommendation for what kind of mylar reflective film to use? I know it's important to have, and I don't want to skimp on it, nor do i want to break the bank on my wall covering. there are lots of other things to break the bank, as we all know
  2. Your light pics didn't show up.

    As far as wall covering, I'd just paint them with highly reflective white paint instead of messing with mylar. Here's a link that discusses the options.

    Reflection - Increase Yields Indoors with Reflective Walls | Grow Weed Easy

    And by the way, that website can probably answer 90% of your questions about growing, harvesting, curing, etc..
  3. fantastic. good thing i'm a painter by day huh??? it should have just been a link

    if it still doesn't work its just a

    Agrobrite T5, 2 Foot, 4-Tube Fixture with Included Fluorescent Grow Lights
  4. Sounds good. So, I don't have experience yet with T5s but I'm guessing that fixture would only serve 1 plant. Just a thought. I'm going to be using T5s as side lighting for my 5x5 space during flower but it'll be a few months for me.
  5. me too. i'm taking the extra time and patience learned with age to do it right this time. i was succesful when i did a long time ago, but we would pull of buds and microwave them (cringes) was so hard to be out of pot and have gorgeous buds growing in your bedroom. i'm using flourosecents to start my seeds and on my clones eventually. i have my eye on an Apollo Horticulture 600w MW/HPS dimmable ballast, hood, bulbs, the ballast has air vents on it, and a 150 dollar AH inline fan and carbon filter. it will be weeks probably another month before i even order seeds
  6. Depending on your tent size 600w may be overkill. What size is your tent? I have a 4x4 tent with a 400w HPS
  7. well my closet size is 44x24x80 plenty high....the tents all will limit my space. i own my house so i was going to paint the walls in a reflective paint (i have a business account with sherwin williams) and use every inch possible...i'm thinking i can probably only fit three of these...

    5gal DWC buckets. theres a kit for 100 bucks that comes with 4 of those or a kit for 170 that comes with 5, the fifth one acting as a reservoir...the last grow was in a tent about that size and i had one large top drip hyrdo bucket and a 5-site 5gallon DWC, which held about 3 giving them enough space to yeah i'm thinking three with a res...maybe the resevoir will have to sit outside the closet, or in the closet in the hall next door and bust through that wall...i'm lucky in that i can do whatever the hell i want with this house...within the year i'm building an indoor greenhouse out back, using about half of what currently acts as my aviary and chicken coop ... start a PM with me and ill send you the link to my amazon shopping cart. this is basiccally my first grow, i can barely count the old one (i did it right, was spoon fed everything the salesman at the hydro shop sold me, yielded just enough to pay for itself and fund my young dumb habits) i want produce to last me all year this we can help each other out. the site you sent is a great resource too
  8. How do you plan on venting your closet? I started in the closet but had to move outside of the closet because I couldn't manage the head and I couldn't cut holes in the ceiling

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  9. $150 Apollo Horticulture 6" inline fan with carbon filter. It's a beast. Basically it will go INLINEFAN-->duct into light--> blow through light--> I have a big bathroom exaust fan im going to duct out the other side of the light through the carbon filter into the exhaust and out the ceiling. Probably throw in a little desk fan to blow around too
  10. Ok then it looks like one of the most difficult problems you would have has been solved. Although I would still go with a 400w HPS instead of a 600w, but either is fine. The 400 might save you some money if that's an issue

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  11. Money is always an issue lol. But someone else 600w would give me more control. I can turn it down during veg, crank her up during flower. The biggest difference is the vent ports for the fan on the reflector. I need to get the fluorescent light to start my seeds under first. Could I start them in the rockwool under the MH bulb? I'd rather have a two separate lights for clones/seedlings and for full plants.
  12. Just trying to figure out what to buy first today since its payday. Probably some paint, the licht, and maybe buckets so I can run tests. Or the fluorescent, some Rockwool and a seed teay

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