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    hi i thought i'd start a thread for those of us whose lives are affected by shopping addiction... either one's own addiction or that of some one significant. This leads to frustration, and mental debilitation of living on credit, debilitation before the unstoppable force of the credit card swipe or online swipe.

    a shopping addiction is defined by the constant- and daily- appearances of parcels from online purchases, as well as appearances of items that appear to have been collected in person, in the house hold.

    I might have bought it, or another member of the household, doesn't really matter who. but the constant and daily purchases would be a definition of shop addiction I think... especially expensive shit and expensive target runs loaded with plastic products.

    any one heard of this, or have any thoughts, or shopping story to share?

    here are some proclaimed reasons for a recent plate set purchase, to add some fancy plates to the several existing sets in the household: - they're very well made - so if all the other plates break, we can avoid the living nightmare... of eating on a paper plate.
  2. alcohol shopping addiction is pretty bad lol
  3. like my hooker shopping addiction?

    thank goodness that's all i have people were starting to say i had problems

  4. lol a week later shit starts ariving at your door,

    what the fuck. what did i order now?!?!? fucking leopard socks and a chia pet of scooby doo. fucking win.

    im addicted to online shopping, will look at shit for hours before i realize i have no fucking money to spend lolol
  5. I like shopping/researching for something in particular, then I love buying it. I LOVE to spend money.
  6. thanks for sharing people. do you collect old alcohol bottles? Or hooker's panties? does any one find the collection of many "addicting" things to be occurring? and how then do we cope? by organizing? doesn't this mean that to organize the things, more things need to be brought in, shelves, boxes, wahtever, so it's almost like it defeats the purpose and never ending. Just chasing my tail here I guess.
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    I don't wanna say it was an addiction because I broke out of it by myself and it didn't cause big problems in my life, but I guess I got a little addicted to shopping for a while. I was buying and selling certain brands of clothes and making good profits from it, but it was all in my PayPal (which due to PayPal being annoying af, stays there because PayPal decided to disconnect itself from my bank and won't re-connect), so the money could only be spent online or transferred to someone else for me to take out the bank. This made it a lot easier for me to spend, so I started buying a lot of stuff I was looking at before but didn't need (rare clothes, accessories, jewellery). Every time I sold something I spent the money on something else I wanted but didn't need (used to impulse buy a lot). This kind of changed from only PayPal to cash too, until I found myself often without enough money for weed, or when I bought weed I wouldn't have much to go out with. Seeing as I have a girlfriend too (who means the world to me and goes before weed an everything) it was kinda hard to balance it all and I often didn't have enough money to go out with her. I also started working out when I'd be getting money in the upcoming week or two to manage my spending but it would just get spent on shopping again.

    I changed myself by looking at it like, who the fuck walks around with $800 Margiela sneaks and LV belts but can barely afford an 8th and a nice meal each week? Looks ridiculous considering what luxury brands portray. Plus I realised a load of the expensive clothes I bought sucked in appearance and quality compared to cheap good looking stuff I got from Zara and A|X. I didn't buy it to impress others with the brand, most others around me had no idea what these brands were, it was just a feeling of self-worth I guess.

    In terms of collecting, I never found myself to collect anything. I slowly built a collection of belts and shoes but from different brands and different models, only because I liked them, not because I collected them for collecting purposes. So yeah, dunno if any of that counts for anything.
  8. Usually I hate the hell out of shopping unless it's part of foreplay to getting laid.

  9. So dealers and rich people do.
  10. I buy expensive clothes shoes accessories plus bud money
  11. consume and die 
    that is all
  12. please stop this addiction before you fuck up your life in debt
  13. This reminds me of Hoarders. The few episodes I have watched of that have depressed the shit out of me. It's mostly old people who have had some sort of significant event happen in their life to alter their well-being.
  14. What is this like? I honestly dont understand shopping addictions.

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