Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by stonerj, May 13, 2004.

  1. Hello, would some people do me a favor and check and see if they can get to the shop and login. I cannot and I keep getting a message saying internal server error-500
    I realy appreciate it, Thanks

  2. should be fixed now, do you still have the problem?
  3. Yes i log in and then it takes me to account maintnance or the shopping cart and then says i need to log in or make a new account.
  4. \

    do you have cookies enabled?
  5. I also can get one product in the shopping cart and then click check out and it says im not logged in. and only the first page of every product area lists items. the other pages say there was an error.

    The shop works good on your side?

    Once again I thank you greatly.

  6. no were are experiencing great problems, please come back in twelve hours, we have a major server problem here.

  7. Thank you very much and sorry to bother you so much. I really appreciate every thing you do for us.
  8. Moving this to the Feedback forum from the General forum. :)

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