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Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Alright, I would like some input from various sources aside from my friends around here. Maybe I'm just being biased or hypocritical but here goes anyway. My ex (I guess he would be my ex since I'm so pissed I can hardly see straight) has obviously been lying to me about his extracurricular activities. Here we go out on a 3 day drinking excursion and what do I get to witness first hand. Hmm.........him sharing a needle with one of his junkie friends. Now, I will fully admit that I snort pills on a daily basis but I'll be damned if I'll stick a needle in my arm just to get a buzz. He says there is no difference between snorting and shooting and that I am being two faced but DAMN, I can not tolerate a needle junkie. When we first got together way back when, I told him up front that shooting would not be tolerated because I am so AGAINST that particular form of abuse. Plus, how do I know that he isn't sharing needles with everyone coming and going???? And you stand such a big chance of contracting some disease from a junkie.

    Deep down, I know that I can no longer be with him. Everytime I close my eyes, I just picture him with that damn syringe in his arm. I have dealt with him trying to kill me, busting out all the windows in our home, disappearing for days on end when he goes out binging but I just can't take anymore. I do fear that I am being unfair but I don't think my opinion is wrong. Needle junkies are indeed different from us who snort our pills. Or am I way off and indeed prejudicial????
  2. you know when i read the title of this post, i was going to delete it, however i'll let it go, as it's more an anti-shooting up thread, and i think a lot of our younger members will do good to read it, and realise how bad injecting shit into your veins really is......this is a marijana forum, but i know a lot of other blades do a lot of other drugs, but one thing i think that we will all agree that it's a bad idea to shoot up.........and especially share needles........

    flowerchild, i feel your pain, i know what it's like to lose close friends to heroin abuse (i take it that's what he's injecting?) but if i were you, i'd cut all ties, before he starts to get may seen unsympathetic, but you said he's allready tried to kill you, and smashing the place up......sometimes you just gotta let go.......can you feel the same having sex with him, and knowing he shares needles?......too risky if you ask my area heroin abuse is the biggest killer, ever watch the film "trainspotting" that's what it's like here, it was filmed in my it you'll notice that it's like real life here in my hometown.......these junkies will slit their own mothers throat for a £10 bag of smack...!!'s a slippery slope he's on, and the only ones who make it to the top of the slope, are the ones who came prepared with superglue for their feet.........and that aint a lot................Peace out.........Sid
  3. WOW! :(

    I'm not going to compare someone who snorts pills to someone who shoots them up. I'm personally not for either one of them. (I've known people who have died from both methods.) I'm just going to give my opinion on the shooting up thing. If you told him, in the beginning, that shooting up wasn't something that you were going to tolerate and he still started doing it, then losing you is all on him. That's his major fuck up. He's already shared a needle right in front of you. How many more times has he done it without you around? I'm going to guess more than you could imagine. He's risking your life as well as his if you still have a sexual relationship. (In fact, you should probably be tested for stuff if you haven't been already.) Plus, he's SHOOTING UP! That, in itself, is enough to get him out the door.

    The shooting up is a bad thing, Flowerchild, but what concerns me more about the situation is that he's already tried to kill you. Trying just means he didn't succeed. Trust me on this one...once a guy, or a girl for that matter, hits the person they claim to love, then they'll hit harder the next time and even harder after that. I'm sure you already know this. I used to be a rag doll for a jerk or two but I toughened my ass up, took a lot of self-defense classes and had a Marine teach me the good stuff. No man will ever lay a hand on me again without having his ass royally kicked.

    If you know deep down that it is time for this relationship to end then you need to be strong and get yourself out of it. That's the bottom line. Just be safe in how you do it. Men like that hate to be dumped and usually retaliate.

    I wish you the best of luck with your decisions and tell him to kiss your ass...there's a difference in snorting and shooting up pills. It's not a huge difference but it's still a difference.

    We're here for ya, Flowerchild!!!! :)
  4. Sid and RMJL......thank you both. When I first met him, I fell hard for him. I was the one who sat with him when he was coming off the needle. I mean, we were both tested way back when our relationship first started. And he stayed clean (or so I thought he did). How I missed his damn track marks is beyond me. I guess love is blind. I try so hard to find the good in everyone but at this point, I am scared for my life as well as the ones that are close to me. You never know how "junkies" will take things. You can't reason with one or so I have learned.

    AIDS and hepatitis C are 2 diseases that kill alot of people in my town. I have an appointment to be tested the day after tomorrow and yeah, it is very scary. And I have battled my addiction to pills for over 6 yrs now and I have good days and I have bad days. But shooting up is WRONG!!!!!!!! And for him to share a needle with a long time junkie in front of me..........Damn, he doesn't love me or he never would have done it. I think that is what hurts.......deep down, he may love me but its too late. Everytime I close my eyes, I see him with a damn syringe in his arm. If a buzz means that much to him, then maybe he is a lost cause. I hate to admit it, but obviously he doesn't respect himself or he wouldnt have done what he did.
  5. I'm going to send some ~karma~ and good vibes your way. I think you need them. They're also for your test. I really hope that only good news comes from it. I don't know how long you'll have to wait for the results, but that's the hard part so if you need to vent, please come here and do it. If you want to share the results when you get them, do that too.

    I'm not sure if you have any issues about being alone. Some people always need to be in a relationship. Whatever it is for you, do what's best for yourself. Don't let this man determine your fate. There are really good men out there, women too ;), who want to be in relationships where they can treat the people they love with the respect they deserve. There are many bad ones out there but there are also so many good ones and you deserve better than what your current guy is offering.

  6. RMJL..............I thank you for the karma. God knows I need it. I guess I stayed with him as long as I have because he has 2 beautiful kids that only know me as their mother. They have drunken grandparents on both sides and haven't seen their biological mom in 6 yrs. So they have a needle junkie for a dad. Then they have me and my family that have shown them what love truly is. I couldn't imagine my life without them. And of course my ex (or soon to be if I can ever find him halfway straight) says that he will see me in hell before I walk out of his life. He LOVES me and won't live without me!!!!!!!!

    What hurts is that I had faith in a man that wasn't worthy of such adoration. I have had wonderful men ask me out and I said no because I wouldn't cheat on my "junkie" of a b/f. And our whole relationship has obviously been a lie. I am scared about getting tested but it is something that has to be done. I may have a breakdown when it's all said and done but at least I will know what I have to deal with.

    Peace and love to everyone out there. I hope none of you ever know what it's like to be so scared. And to any younger people out there........some words of advice..........STAY AWAY FROM NEEDLES AND JUNKIES!!!!!!!!! Neither one are worth anything.......they just bring about heartache and destruction!!!!!!!
  7. Flowerchild,

    Where to even start? Like RMJL, I too have know people that have died from both snorting or shooting. I'm not one to pass judgement, more each to his own.

    But once you start sticking a needle in your arm, to me that's time for some help. Sadly, since you've stated that you thought he was clean (for awhile), it sounds like you've tried to provide him support/help but he can't accept it.

    Don't beat yourself up over it too much. I'm sure you love him, and it may feel like the end of the world.... But you deserve to be with someone better than that. People like him only end up bringing those around them down too.

    Remember that the first step away will be the hardest. But once you start to take those steps, they'll come quicker and quicker for you. We're all here for ya anytime you need any of us, and we're here unconditionally.

    If ya need a shoulder, or a smile, or a push we'll help you along the way. But it has to start with you. You have to be the one to take the first step.

    Good karma coming your way. ;)

  8. There it is right there. Get out and get out now. The hurt will be dealt with in time, but make the break now. Stick with your convictions.
  9. for a long time i've stuck to my old declaration of drug freedom which goes something like this: Nobody has the right to tell someone what they can or cannot do to their own bodies as long as they arent causing harm to others around them and are of a stable enough mind set to do so....

    unfortunately, sharing needles and in turn possibly sharing STDs would definately fall under the "hurting others" category. And lying to loved ones like he has been doing to you could also be considered quite the hurtful experience for you. To be quite honest, if he doesn't wanna quit, hes not gonna quit..thats the beauty of addictive substances, short of locking him up somewhere to detox, he aint gonna quit without one hell of a my advice?..leave him. Tell him you wont come back until certain activities he currently chooses to do are stopped....Leave it up to him to choose, if he can sober up long enough to detox he may have a chance, whether he has to "go on a vacation" away from all of his "friends" or whatever...only he can choose to end it, and even then it may be hard since his body doesn't want to.

    And IMHO needle drugs are far worse for the body than doing a rail of powder. There are plenty of measures that can be taken when snorting to minimize damage, and afterwards cleaning up the nostrils/sinuses (and no im not claiming that doing lines is a perfectly safe thing to do), but theres only so much you can do with needle the end you're still puncturing your skin with a piece of metal and then straight into a vein (unless your ex was an IMer?)...

    wieghing the options between having a nose bleed for a day and a slightly loopy heartbeat or having a vein collapse from being saturated with drugs....I'll go with the former

  10. youre being prejudicial. youre no better than he is. you snort powder up your fucking nose. he sticks a needle in his arm. both are harmful. IMO, YOURE the one that is being a judgemental "junkie".
  11. does her snorting pills somehow endanger his life? did he tell her at the beginning of the relationship to lay off snorting or they would not be together?
    hes endangering her life as well as breaking an agreement they made by shooting up.
    not to mention the attempt made on her life by him...
  12. Samus, have you ever heard of the saying,"If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all( or as I say...shut the fuck up)" I'm sorry but snortin hasnt hurt him, hes the one whos temper has sky rocketed out the fuckin window(literally).....If I were you, I'd leave now, and fast...Also you might want to try and get custody of his children....The kids dont need to be in an enviorment where needles are involved, a parent has to be in the right mind at all times IMHO...besides smokin pot, I dont think thats near as bad as shootin up...

  13. I will fully admit that I battle my addiction like everyone else. Yet you run a bigger chance of spreading AIDS and hepatitis sharing needles. (Believe you and me, I will admit I'm a nurse and I've seen the damage that shooting up can do). I do appreciate that everyone's opinion is different but I just can't deal with the whole aspect of sharing needles. That is just opinion.

    I don't ask for alot.........just honesty and no needles. I mean, I was the one that held him when he detoxed the first time. Then we have a fight and its all my fault that he goes back to the needle. And for anyone wondering, he snorts pills right along with me. So, its not like I told him to quit everything. So many things could go wrong with the whole IV scene. Air bubbles, damage to veins, hell, I've even had patients lose their arm from an abcess. Its scary, scary stuff.

    Its nice to get unbiased opinions from understanding people (on the most part). I love you guys and thanks for the karma!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i dont have to shut the fuck up, even flowerchild didnt see my post as me being an asshole. youre just a sensitive prick (once again, my opinion ya know?)

    flowerchild, maybe instead of not allowing him to use needles but letting him snort with you, you should be supportive and both of you should try to quit both ways. just a suggestion.

  15. I have my good days and my bad days. Sometimes I wish I had never done my first pill but everyday, I learn a little more about myself and my limitations as a person. I think the longest I stayed clean was 8 months after I finished rehab. Then my old ways resurfaced as sometimes they do. But he and I have more problems than just a needle. That was the icing on the cake. He's an alcoholic (and not the loving kind either). Then the blackouts happen and he says what he doesnt remember doesn't count.

    Don't get me wrong, I love him more than life itself. But maybe I love the person I know he can be........not the person he has let himself become. But I'm just scared that if I don't get out now, I may end up dead or with some uncurable disease. Sometimes I just don't think I'm strong enough to tell him no and thats is the scariest part of all.
  16. FC.... You already know what to do.. It's up to you to do it..

    I really don't want to comment on this situation.. I don't do either and I haven't been around others doing it..

    The only advice I will give is.................. When you try and love with blind eyes... you better make sure your eye site doesn't come back.... 99% of the time you will not like what you see..

    Translated......................................... Pick the type of person you want to be with.. Never settle for one stitch less...

    Send him on his way!
  17. Well, I'm going to try not to bore anyone by repeating the good advice that has already been said, but I would like to say this... We are here for you, whenever you need it. I'm sure most of us have met or even loved someone who has in some way been connected to shooting up. I personally feel that snorting is also bad, but as it was already pointed out, that does not harm anyone but you, where as needles can harm everyone. It's already been said, you know what to do.. you just have to build the strenght and courage up to do it. You know we are hear to listen, and offer advice, and support. But you have to protect yourself... Love should not be a life or death decision,and in my opinion, it is in this case...You can live and leave, or you can stay and die, and I really hate to say it so bluntly, but what do you REALLY think will happen if you stay? He wont stop, he wont slow down, he'll just get worse, and if you think it was bad before.. you just wait.. now he knows that you know what he does, and as of yet, you haven't done anything about it (at least to my knowledge) so he is feeling like you are A.) Ok with it, or B.) not brave enough to say anything to him about it. Either way, he feels like he can do anything he wants... which may stick to shooting up for now.. but what happens when he wants sex and you're "not in the mood" you dont really think he'll stop do you? especially not if he's high. Now I know, that's pretty harsh, and I appologise, I only offer my advice, and support. I will send you my prayers and best wishes that you find a way to save yourself.. Once you are safe, then start worrying about makeing him safe... Just my opinion.. Good Luck.
  18. Samus, where does your judgement end?....For all rhetorical reaons may I from now on refer to YOU as a junky for smoking pot? or wait...doe sit not count because pot is "natural"? because youre not sucking it uop your nose or shooting it in your veins?....last time i looked into it inhaling any form of smoke is shitty for your need help samus...real bad....get some help ya fucking junky
  19. notice how i put the word junkie in quotations? i hate all words like crackhead, junkie, etc. you need help dude.

  20. no I didn't notice the quotations, hence my taking you seriousely...its hard to read sarcasm over the internet...i apologize

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