Shooting up weed?

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  1. Today I heard something very weird... A friend told me that it is possible to shoot up marijuanna by reducing it to it's pure THC form like you would for cooking with it, then injecting it. I told hi this was bull, but he insisted it was possible. The question is...

  2. well if you can smoke out of a mcdonalds cup...anythings possible.
  3. The question is... Why would you?
  4. right. thats some junkie shit. who wants to shoot up every time they get high? heroin addicts thats who.
  5. you probably could, a quicker painful version of edibles?
  6. YES YOU CAN!!:mad::eek::mad::eek::mad::eek::mad: :D

    [ame=]YouTube - Intravenous THC and cannabidiol experiment[/ame]

  7. Its possible, but getting a THC molecule pure enough to cross the blood-brain barrier is really hard.

    Their was a study done a while ago where they had injected THC into mice and humans, it was to test the toxicity limit. They still dont know how much THC it takes to kill you.

    The study was done by some European laboratory, i dont recall the name, but ill add a link if i find it.
  8. I've heard it is possible if it is reduced to pure THC form, but you would also have to reduce that into a liquid unless you wanna clog your veins. I wouldn't recommend this obviously. Plus I'm sure diluting the THC so much will cause you to have to use a GI-GANTOUS syringe (which I'd assume would look very intimidating).:eek:
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    THC has a high intravenous bioavaliability like 99%.

    Where as oral intake is around 20%.

    Would I recommend it, no.. can It get you high.. yes, extremely.

  10. Thanks for the answer. I don't ever plan on doing it, but me and a friend had a bet over it, looks like i just lost a joint, so thanks a lot...

    But another question... For another joint... CAN YOU TAKE MARIJUANNA AS A SUPOSITORY?

    BTW, don't worry, I'm not mad at you guys, in fact, I'm handing out some rep for you all, enjoy it! ;):smoke:
  11. Both of these topics have been covered before. The search function would get your answers to you a lot faster than waiting for someone to respond. :)
  12. Of course you can... Do you think THC magically pops into your head? It has to travel through your blood stream.
  13. The guy who discovered thc has liquid thc so I donte see why not
  14. Not a good idea as a matter of fact this should be deleted as a thread like this could very well be used against medicinal laws. People have been fights for more decade then you have been alive, and it could all be throw away by some idiot injecting themselves untill they die. Does not matter if they die from too much salien solution, if the primary drug is MJ every news show, media coverage, political debates, and conversation will be about preventing this from ever happening again.

    How about you just stick to other injectable drugs and stop trying to get us the bad rep.
  15. I want to hurt you really bad..:mad:
  16. go find some heroin and collapse in an alley, the last thing we need is ppl thinkin its okay to shoot up natures loving gift. shits gonna end up on the news some dumbass highschool kid shoots up weed, thatll set legalization back quite a bit.
  17. well i for one freak at the sight of a needle so i won't be shooting up anything any time soon:hide:
  18. Please do not shoot up ANY non sterile substance into your vein. You could die. Period.

    Will it get you high? Maybe if you get it actually going in your bloodstream, but you will also get many pathogens going through your bloodstream as well. Not a real great idea.

    Many heroin overdoses are not from the heroin, but from the injection itself and the adulterants in the h. Who knows what you would be including with that if you tried to make your own to inject.

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