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  1. I am a veteran when it comes to oxy, hydro, benzos and snorting h.....i am gonna shoot it up but i need to know how much to use and how many ml of water to use. SUch as...i have about .1 of decent much of that .1 should put on the spoon and to how many ml of water? Dont wanna overdo it but dont wanna underdo it either. I have heard maybe a third of the .1 and 30 ml of water.....any and all advice would be great appreciated...thanks
  2. its powdered by the way
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    People on here are probably just gonna hate on you for wanting to shoot up. In any case you should be able to find that out with a quick google search. I don't shoot but I can say that the amount of water doesn't matter much, maybe enough to fill a plastic bottle cap halfway.

    Also, the amount of heroin to shoot up is hard to say because it varies so much. Is it black tar or white china?
  4. as far as the dosage goes, it really depends on how strong the dope is. i'd say about 3/4 of what you'd normally snort. and do you have a 1cc needle, or .5cc needle? that doesn't really matter anyway. use about 1/4 of syringes capacity.
    and yes i have done ALOT of iv heroin for years. i've been clean for going on 5 years now, well, been on suboxone but clean from the needle.
    if your skeptical about the dose, do just a little bit and if that doesn't get you there then do some more.
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    Dude start SMALL when fucking with street heron. What color is your shit?

    And I've used full 5CC syringes before too, so how much water isn't a big deal, just make sure it is CLEAN.

    If you really want a better and cleaner shot though, just use about twice as much water as powder (until it covers completely and there is some above it, at least 15ml), heat it until it lightly boils, then take an unused cigarette filter out of the paper, cut it to about 1/4" long, stick the needle in the side (fibers should be running parallel to needle), press the filter down hard, and pull the plunger up.

    Look at your shit, hold it to the light so you can see if there are any visible impurities. If it's clean, you're good!

    I can't emphasize using a small amount enough. Heroin is twice as strong as morphine and you never know the purity of what you got. Less is more until you know your product. Check this place out too, they can give you more info too!

    Be safe man, nothing wrong with IV, you just have to be careful and responsible with it.
  6. Ook..thanks for the advice man....does the water just have to be luke warm? and so usually two bags gets me off shit is cream brown or light brown......and put the cig filter directly in the water mixture and then press down and suck it up? some people say to heat it and others say not to heat it at all?

  7. I don't care about being cool, I'm too old for that Bullshit. Dude, this is not the ride you want to get on. I know you must be in pain if you want to roll up in the heroin blanket, but it's a fucking prison man. It's not freedom, it's prison!!

    BTW needles come in gauges, not cc's. If your plan to shoot the heroin is as you have stated, you won't be successful, but I'll be damned if I'll help ya. I rode that Horse and lived to tell about it and lost good freinds along the way. Please reconsider.:(
  8. No one asked for the "don't do it!" lecture bro, if the guy wants to know how to shoot up safely, let him. He's going to do it anyways, why not let him be safe about it?
  9. but you have to feel for KD123 he knows the hellohole and is just saying. i mean he gave useful information along with the "don't do it" routine cut him a break because he's been to hell and back. if he was just like OMG DON'T DO IT and has never experienced IV heroin or heroin in any other form then you could give him a hard time but cut this dude some slack
  10. It's not that I don't feel for him man, it's just that the dude asked for help on shooting and he didn't give him any advice on the question other than needles come in gauges. Dude is going to shoot anyways, we all know that Heroin/Cocaine/Crack/Pills are addictive and I doubt anyone here needs to be told such. It sucks that he was addicted though, I do agree that that shit is hell.

    And needles do come in CC's also. I've used 1CC, 3CC and 5CC before, the 3CC and 5CC being the ones I used the most.
  11. the cc's and gauge needle advice is still legit because he could compare needle sizes or whateverrrrrrrrrrrr

    idk if that made sense my head is still cloudy from last night lol
  12. Unless you're stealing needles out of a hospital or doctors office, you will probably have/get 28g 1CC insulin syringes. Since the 1CC's can be given out at the pharmacists discretion and are used by people who need insulin, they're the most common ones.

  13. Actully, they HAVE to be given out. It's' quite illegal for a pharmacy to refuse to sell insulin syringes. As you said, they are used by people who NEED insulin. that is, people who would die if it was up to some asshats discretion.
  14. If someone comes into the pharmacy with a prescription or an insulin bottle or the package, they are required to give it to them. If someone comes in with NO prescription, bottle, or package the pharmacist can, not will, can turn them down since they can not prove their condition at all.

    Pharmacists and the government aren't stupid dude, they know people are going to try and get needles to shoot drugs too.

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