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Shooting pains in head after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thelizardkin, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I'm not very new to pot I've been smoking for about a year but I've always had this issue with it where it would cause horrable trips every once in a while and one thing I would get is these shooting pains in my brain it had gone away over the last few months but tonight I smoked some and they came back the shooting pain anyone know why it really trips me out and yeah
  2. Do you remove the stems from your nugs before smoking? If not, I've heard of stems and/or seeds being factors of headaches and such.
  3. need some more info to help:
    Did the headache/ brain pain start directly after smoking, or when you come down.

    If its after coming down you probably are just burned out. it can happen after toking non-dank, sometimes it can even happen after smoking dank though. IMO the best thing you can do is drink a glass of ice cold water and splash some cold water in your face and through your hair. you just need to fresh yourself up/ wake yourself up.

    if you get pain during the high/ during smoking, you're probably smoking stems or not getting enough fresh air when you're smoking. so just breath some fresh air during the hits.

    hope I helped :smoke:
  4. I have had headaches before when high and have found that Water,Fresh air and joints help.

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