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  1. What is your main goal in life? If you feel like you were put on this earth for a reason then what is that reason? I think too often people live their entire life and then realize that they never really lived a single moment of it. Maybe if we can think about and consider our main goals now, by the end of our lives we will feel like we actually acomplished something. I don't wanna die without having experienced everything I wanted out of life and i dont wanna look back and realize that I didn't live my life for me. So list them, why are you here, and what are you gonna do with the life you've been given?
  2. I feel there is no reason for life.

    It's all just something to experience, and once you're life is over, that's it. I would go on into a deeper discussion, but sadly I just don't like getting on the internet when I'm high.
  3. Honestly
    My goal in life is to go with what I believe in. Fuck conformity, and fuck security (my views of politics and religion greatly fall under the word 'security', but that's totally another subject for another time). If I see views as being different than my general morals then I'm totally not going to just go with teh flow.
    Sure, it's not going to be relaxing, and it might even be sorta a bumpy ride, but at least I'm making a stand, not ''selling out'', and staying true to the one person that'll always be on my side: me.

    Another goal is to making impressions. I want to be remembered by strangers, friends, etc. I'd also love to see my friends be more of a seperate person than a slice of society. I'd love to express my beliefs, views, personalities, etc. to people close to me, but upon doing that I might take away their beautiful ability to think and analyze things their own way.

    I'd die happy if I saw the world painting in rainbow instead of black and white...where religion didn't constrict throats, and politicians weren't so worried about making themselves look good to Americans. I know I prolly won't be able to change the world, but I'd love to make somewhat of a difference.

    If I was to die tonight, I think I'd be a happy person with myself, but as for society... I would turn in my grave the moment I saw it to become less of a viral infection to life.

    Just my two pennies.
  4. Q. What's my main goal in life?
    A. To help restore this weary planet to her former glory.
    Q. Why am I here?
    A. Dunno I'm just glad I am.
    Q. What am I going to do with my life?
    A. Write books and grow incredible amounts of Marijuana.

    The moment is built upon our fragile flesh and is woven into our bones.

    Stay green!
  5. basically get laid/smoke dope as much as possible. Also to travel a lot and see the world.

    I really don`t want much
  6. My dream is to become a hiphop producer and produce for all the artists that inspire me. But thats not my goal in life . Honestly If i dont become a producer then im fucked. I dropped out of school with this thought, If i cant be a producer (my dream) then ill just grow an unbelivable ammount of weed and make millions, I dont want a ordinary life (9-5 job) even if im making $100,000 a year its not worth it to me. You have to go to work blah blah blah , Its not that im lazy its just if i want to buy my parents a million dollar house then i want to have the money. I dont ever want to worry about not having money to pay bills or not having money for a house/car i want. Producers make around $80-$90,000/beat they make. If you make a whole album for someone thats atleast 1.5million.
  7. My main goal in life at the moment is to obtain a goal for my life. Its all pretty much up in the air right now.
  8. Just something you might want to consider. As much as sticking to your own beliefs is laudable what happens when those beliefs come up againts the people you love and respect? Is there ever a time for compramise? In the end, whatever decision a person makes it sticks by thier beliefs, becuase at that moment thier beliefs led them to make that desicion. SO why worry about sticking to your beliefs when can't help but to do just that?

    Thats usually not the case. Not too mention taxes, and kick backs to whatever company you work for, the risk to rewards has it as pretty low paying job, involving a shitload of hard boring work on thw way up. Vs there are plenty of jobs involving the hiphop community that get paid well and/or allow time to enjoy life. Journalist, Record promoter, agent, roadie, club owner, dj(for a radio station). To limit yourself to one goal like that cuts down on what you can do in life. Just a thought.
  9. I know but if it was ONLY money then Id be a lawyer/doctor/in real estate but I like producing and thats my dream. Im also thinking about opening a car shop doing custom interiors,performance parts installation,engine work , body work..ect
  10. today, i had exhausted the things to say on the stuff on the first page of threads, and so, i thought... i'll jump to the middle of the pack, page 11, and go for the first one that catches my eye.... just to bump it since it's clear we have all far too rarely delved into the trough of wonders that lay burried beneath more wonders in the spirituality and philosophy section. and so... if this isnt the longest way to say


    i've ever seen.

  11. I don't really have goals, more like guidlines I guess. I just try to have fun, meet good ppl, and do a little good. that's it. I want to create change, for the betterment of society...and it's not about how u do it or what u do, just that u make a difference...just what I'm thinking, right now.

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