Shootin myself in the foot

Discussion in 'General' started by iShotTupac123, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. The only gun I have is a .22 magnum and the only bullets I have are magnum hollow points. I figure if I blow a decent sized whole in my foot I could go to the hospital and be put on some kickass morphine for a couple weeks and come home with some vikodin or somthin. My question is, would this combination of gun/bullet give me a quarter sized hole like I want or would it blow part of my foot off?
  2. is this serious?
  3. good god thats dumb.

    what happened to natural selection!?!
  4. oh its coming.. i see it in his near future
  5. You\'re stupid as hell, and no don\'t shoot yourself with a HOLLOWPOINT MAGNUM bullet dumbass. [COLOR=\"Red\"]- Stop flaming. Report posts like this instead. -Bliz[/COLOR]

    Hollowpoints are like mushrooms when they enter the target, they expand, and I don\'t think you\'re going to want to pull it out, especially when the bullet is going to be HOT.
  6. and a hollow point at that
  7. Unless you want to be known as Clubbie for the rest of your life.
  8. until you shoot in the place where theres a major artery, and have to amputate your foot off. hahahahahahhahaha
  9. I rboke btoh my feet and got put on morphine lol

    idk bout you but I would rather break my foot then blow it off eh?

    are you really that addicted to it?
  10. dunno guys, sounds like a good idea to me. a sure way of getting drugs! :rolleyes:
  11. what some people will do to get a fix....

    why dont you just take the gun n go rob someone of their vicodine moron

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]Comin from someone who usually is on the ball, dude... REPORT, and DONT flame. -Bliz[/COLOR]
  12. Yeah, I did the same thing with a Desert Eagle... no worries.
  13. Well it\'s not really about the morphine, I wanted to kill myself but suicide is the pussies way out and I\'m no pussy. So I figued I\'de just shoot myself and take a break.
  14. :( dude, you need help, go to a psychologist or something.
  15. Can someone just answer the innitial question? Would this thing blow my foot off? What if I went and got .22 regular shorts? I know shorts can fit in a magnum.

  16. Ya, I shot myself in the foot with a rocket launcher, they call me nubbs, im in the clubs.
  17. I mean, I suppose it could work.

    Buuuuttt, you might just want to hang out with clumsy people. Things get broken, someone get\'s Vikes, everything\'s good.
  18. Yes, it is going to blow your foot off.

    Can we move on now please? I hear evolution a-callin\'!
  20. this thread is great just for the fact that it brings up the thread of the woman with a nipple on her foot in the similar thread section below.

    thank you.
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