shootin kief

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  1. is it possible to mix a large amount of kief with water and then shoot it up with a needle? Really my question is kief soluble in water.
  2. Come on, man...:(
  3. just smoke it dude :smoking:
  4. It is not water soluble, peace
  5. this thread wins because of stupid.
  6. Are you really that stupid.? Why.!??

    Im really looking forward to a reply, because I have a feeling the OP will surprise us all.
  7. hay guyz kan i giev myself a keif enema? I shall now read though the linked thread!
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    I've read in many different areas that THC IS soluble in water. But the percentage is really, really low. I can't remember the exact number, and or units used. But I distinctively remember it being around 0.028.
    Really though. You can just count out my whole post...

    But if you're up for being REALLY adventitious... cook some keif in a fat-rich substance (butter) and then take that to the dome.

    I came up with that while typing this. I expect a very detailed synopsis after you do this :D

    But in all seriousness.. Don't do any of this :cool:
  9. lol i just had a few tokes and saw a needle used for penecilin or w/e and it got me thinkin.
  10. I guess there's nothing wrong with creative thinkin'. But, seriously, don't do it.
  11. Worst case scenario a bit of leaf dosent get filtered through the screen, and ends up in your bloodstream, you could really hurt yourself.

    Leave the needle alone and go fondle the glass

  12. First off no. THC is soluble in water, BUT ONLY IN ABOUT .0001 mg per ml of water. In other words, you are going to have water that is oversaturated with kief. Two: I'm assuming this is hypothetical and you aren't actually considering shooting up bud. If you are, get off the website find some heroin and die now so you don't tarnish the already bad reputations of stoners everywhere. If it is indeed a hypothetical question, if somehow you were able to get the water with the un dissolved kief out the tiny hole in a hypodermic needle, nothing would happen. First off the THC must be activated. The easiest way to do this is to heat it. E.G. smoke it, vape it, hot knife it, etc. However there are other methods. If the THC were introduced directly into the bloodstream nothing would happen because it would not reach the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. You would simply raise the THC level in your blood stream.

    Tl;dr: Its impossible to shoot it, and if you could it would be a waste.
  13. Hmmm... pretty sure it's fat soluble...
  14. Word. Here's your answer, OP.^
  15. Wow thats smart. Try mixing it with heroin or something it'll be twice as fun!
  16. I think everyone who has mentioned Heroin is setting the bar to high...I think Meth sets the bar an at appropriate level for this thread...
  17. Twice as dangerous, too.
  18. Why not just shoot yourself up with air? Heard it does wonders.
    Btw don't do what I just said.

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