Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. heres on odd question. what shoes do u currently own, which shoe u like the most, and what shoe brand u like the best.
  2. I used to only wear Nike basketball shoes, but now that I smoke all the time I switched to Vans. They just seem so comfortable and really easy to slip in and out of.
  3. i ONLY wear Es Koston Ones. Any color.
  4. I have some Vans. I'm not sure what model it is or nothin But it's pretty sic. It's all white and I put fat gray laces on it.
  5. skate shoes are so fat and comfortable, i can never imagine wearing anything else.
  6. DC's and Dr. Martens are my favorites. Though Echos are pretty comfortable too.
  7. my kids get the vans n stuff,....anything leather for me will do...till the dog gets all pissy and eats one.
  8. the ones with the wheels in em, but aren't quite skates or shoes. those ones. the hybrid footwear. well not really, but i wish i had a pair. :p :p :stoned:
  9. Boots (yes like cowboy boots). I am from CS what would you expect?

    Specifically- Tony Llama, Dan Post, Redwing
  10. Mark appleyard circas, gettin a new pair this weekend....
  11. my fav are a pair of boots i got for xmas. black just under the knee, stiletto boots. i just love em!!! for comfort, work and working out in, my nikes do the job.
  12. i right now own a pair of vans, vans have always been comfortable, i usually get a different brand of skate shoe everytime i get new shoes

  13. Holy shit. Me too! I've had like 6 pairs. Don't you hate skaters though???
  14. I like either hiking shoes, or mostly work boots. I need something waterproof that can get muddy. thats just me :smoke:

  15. You wear kostons but you hate skaters?

    How can you make such a broad statement? I would normally have said f**k you butthole, but seeing as i would probably get kicked out, I wont.

    (Im a skater)

    (it may not get you kicked out hun but kindly edited)
  16. some blue adidas.... its the only thing I could find in size 14 1/2, luckly they are pretty cool looking, and comfy

  17. No you got me wrong. I wasn't asking if he was agreeing with my hatred of skaters. I skate(so obviously I don't hate myself/us). I was wondering if he hates skaters cause thats what he said in another thread.

    Koston ones are the best sneakers, ever!
  18. I-Path Native. Not the best pick for skating (No pad or anything on the ollie spot of the shoe on the side), although they are light as hell and super easy to trick in.

    Love them to death, love I-Path to death. I've been sticking with Paths for three shoes now (Including my Natives)...

    Fun times, fun times.
  19. i dont have a problem with skaters, but i do with sk8ers...if you understand.

    i mean, i have alot of friends that skateboard, and they are cool, but its the punks that think skating is cool and do it because other people do that piss me off...

    tony hawk should not inspire you to be a skater.

    anyways. koston ones are fucking tight.

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