Shoes with secret compartment

Discussion in 'General' started by Buck Strickland, May 4, 2011.

  1. What are the name of those shoes with the zipper compartment in the tongue? I think they are by Nike
  2. I don't know about nikes but IPATH has a stash spot on most, if not all of their shoes.
  3. I remember having a pair of Chad Muska Circa's with a zipper in the tongue, back in elementary school.... I used to put my change in there
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    I checked those out, but the sizing for them is really weird, i wear 11 / 12 and the only stash shoes with that size are sandals
  5. You can hollow out the heels of dress shoes and it makes a nice compartment. Micheal Vick got caught with 'marijuana looking residue' on his shoes as he passed through airport security.

  6. and candy, and ladybugs

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