shoes!!!! bored enough ???

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by electrode, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I dont like them
  2. I like them! know Nike would be interested in them for sure ..they're always looking for the next big thing :D
  3. you did them yourself?

  4. lol if u gonna knock his shit atleast give some constructive criticism

    i think they are clean, and i could picture people wearing them. not the type of shoes i would personally wear, but i think they are clean.

  5. alright then, i agree with you "shoes i would not wear"
  6. Nice work if you did all that black.
    If not...
    Cool shoes?
  7. yeah my pops got this printer that cuts really thin just peal it off and apply it to almost anything its pretty sweet:) yeah i bought a cheep pairs of shoes from some store and gave them some graphics

    id like to see someone elses kicks postem please just for the hell of it
  8. Pretty sweet custom shoes
  9. my friend just ordered Adidas Iceman [Jeezy edition]
  10. Doesnt it peel with wear or a wash? Cool design.
  11. i like them, they are sick. I want a printer like that one, I'd totally make my own shoes. :mad: can it print in color? or just black and white?
  12. Print a nice big pot leaf on them :).

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