Shoenice eats a cactus..

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  3. What is this guy's deal? Like does he get youtube money for this shit or somethin?
    Also, I kind of feel like his video's are fake. There's one where he takes out a bigass bottle of everclear in about 20 seconds. Shouldn't he be fucking dead?
    It's real.
    Jesus... how about my other question about how he's not dead lol.
  6. An attention freak....
  7. favorite is when he eats a stick of deodorant

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  8. I bet that dirt tasted really earthy
  9. That dude always came off as a strange alcoholic to me. That's why he can do those drinking videos, he talks about how often and how much he can drink in some of his other videos. The videos were alright I guess until recently he tried to come out with some pyramid scheme type shit or something? and saying how he wants to end world hunger and all that. I think he just is going for the attention.
  10. I did not at all enjoy this video and it was painful to watch. Even though that was true I laughed.
  11. probally got his stomach pumped immediately after, or he has some ungodly drinking ability
    i think on some of his other videos, he said he went to hospital
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    What in the fuck... I hand't heard of this nigga till today when I saw him chug that everclear in the other thread... I've come to the conclusion he's just a sad, lonely, alchy...
    And I think that's why cacti are like that... SO THINGS DON'T FUCKIN EAT THEM.
  13. this guy is a lame
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    He's entertaining but the world hunger pyramid scheme bullshit is annoying.
  15. Hahahahahahahahaha im a huge shoenice fan as soon as i saw the thread title i started laughing out loud cause you know shoenice doesnt fuck around
  16. How is he not dead is what I would like to know 
  17. jaw droppingly stupid
    for real, mine is still open in sheer awe at the stupidity
  18. how do you not know who shoenice is?
  19. Shoenice don't give a fuck

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