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  1. hey people.
    I have decided to experiment with this because people hate so hard on it :p
    temperature seemed to be my biggest challenge, but I thought out fan placement for optimal temp. Outtake fan is on the back right at the top on the wide side, and right next to one light in particular (close to both) to take out a good amount of heat directly from the lights.
    Intake is on the opposite side of other fan on the skinny side of the box under the other light and under the other fan... as the heat from the lights comes down to the plants it is blown across the box and gets sucked out by the exhaust. and blows fresh air at the plant.
    Started with a 5v power supply and it was getting MID 80's just a bit too hot. but when I switched to a 12v power supply it dropped down about room temp (70). at last i found a strange 7v power so i hooked it up and bam: 76-80 throughout the day/night.

    Lighting is two different 23W, and I calculated about 12,000 lumens per sq ft.
    lights have cut up baking tin, and the wide walls are lined in 5mm mylar.
    soil/perlite mix and a custom cut up pot to fit snugly in the box. gonna have to scrog it soon and start flowering with such a small space!!!

    two lights hooked up the timer and two fan cords running on the 7v supply. pretty minimal power usage for such a high output of light and controlled temp.

    absolutely no worries about fire as the top of the box merely gets warm and i use it as a heating pas for seeds :) hehe.

    gonna have to line the thing with mylar and get the humidty up soon i think.

    ghetto on the outside, pimpin on the in.

    this is my first grow in this box, with some bagseed. Might move it somewhere else and use this box for a party cup challenge, growing two...

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  2. and how did you come up with that?
  3. i am aware distance from the plant and such effect lumens...
    so this is just kinda a random number.
    shoebox: 7" x 4.5" = .2187 sq.ft.
    Lumens per bulb ~ 1400 (Lumens)
    Lumens total/sq.ft. = 2800/.2187 = 12,802 lumens per sq.ft.
  4. Ok, 2800 lumens is used to light up the entire box, not just 7" by 4.5" because cfl bulbs give out light almost 360 degrees. For now let us ignore the light density lost with distance. so looking at the pictures above I am assuming that the box is about 7" x 4.5" x 12" So total surface area is = 2(lw+wh+hl) = 339/144= 2.3541 sqft.
    Lumen/sqfeet = 2800/2.3541= 1189.4 lm/sqft

    We can ignore the light lost with distance because the plant is in such a tight space and the cardboard is white, hence reflecting light onto the plant.

  5. Cool!
    Thanks for the info, i'll do more work before posting a random number next time :smoke:
    yes, white cardboard with maylar :)
    Also re-did the calculations, as my soil/perlite takes up about 3-4 in at the bottom of the box and is covered with perlite on the top layer for reflection.
    so I used 8.5 instead of 12 and got: 1.795 sqft... and 1560 lumens/sqft.
    the plant seems to love it.
  6. Holy shit this is awesome! Subbed for sure! :smoke:
  7. haha this should be interesting...subbed
  8. Hey guys! sorry about the delay, but I ended up switching boxes, I am reworking the shoebox to make it a little more discreet and I was having some light proofing issues with the last one.

    I switched to something only slightly larger, mainly for lighting purposes :) I am running a 26 watt 6500K CFL and a 48ish watt 2700k in there, have the option to boost up the 26 watt to another 48ish watt 2700k for the last couple weeks of flowering.
    It is still a measly: 14.5 in tall, 8.5 in wide, and 6.5 in deep. Its a cool little sony speaker!

    My plant is doing pretty well! Looks like its a female but I am worried about it goin hermi, I put it through a couple (seperate) days of 95ish heat for a few hours, and it has had light proofin issues up til now :/ I have been feedin her a good 5-1-1 when her leaves show signs of yellow, and startin on some 7-16-8 (around those numbers) now! its on a 12/12 light cycle. I decided LST should be fine without a screen... but maybe that will change in a couple weeks :)

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  9. Yo, I took out the little seedlings in there after making another box :)
    Anyways, here it is, the only change will be to another 2700 k, higher wattage for bud production. final lighting will be 50 watt cfls 2700k, 98W total.

    Flowering started on Nov. 18, can't remember how old it is tho, i will have to do some estimates from the top post pic... :smoke:
    third pic: looks like its a lady fo sho :hello:
    will be taking pics every couple of days from here on out, stay tuned this next month should be exciting!

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  10. subd
    im diggin the speaker box
  11. Quite happy with her progress overall, I have had no scares only slight problems here and there that I have fixed, or that fixed themselves... might clone this little baby, seems to be good genetics.

    Forgot to mention it runs 2 110mm computer fan intake and outtake at full 12 v power, keeping it nice and cool in that cramped space/ blowing fresh air right at the plant :)

    gotta go get stoned and see my friends magic show! woot!
    pics later tonight
  12. I love taking pics of my plant :)

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  13. Gonna start another little baby in a EVEN SMALLER shoe box, this will be likely end up being my veg chamber for the speaker box, but I am going to flower in there for the first run just to see what happens with only 26W of CFL on a tiny bush in a super tight and reflective area.

    The Box is 10in. tall x 4.5in. wide x 4in. deep. I have a 80mm exhaust fan and four small passive intakes, temp is staying right around 75f, humidity around 35%. Lined with Mylar. Light proof other than fan exhaust, will add a light trap once I stick something in there! It has two spots for 13w cfls, right now I am going to see how well I can veg with just one 6500k 13W CFL (might add a 9W2700k for a fuller spectrum), should be interesting!
    box next to a big beer bottle for size comparison.

    more pics of speaker box plant tonight, pistils poppin up like cwazy. :hello:

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  14. i like the little shoebox... shoebox ha
    dig the mylar also prolly going to run to the hardware store tm n pick up some foil tape for my cab
    cant wait for the pics
    how many days has she been under 12/12?
  15. Awesome! :) are you flowering your plant in the shoe box?
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    I have been soo hazy on the dates for this plant, partly because I also had no timer for the first half, partly cause i smoke too much :smoke:, and also the light leak issues were pretty big until the speaker box, so light cycles were very fuzzy for the plant... :confused:
    Pretty sure she popped up a little before November, I'll say OCTOBER 27th for convenience. I said ina previous post that I started it into flower on Nov. 18, by that I meant put it onto 12/12 with light leaks at times, but at least a timer was added. Light proof strict 12/12 started around Nov. 25th...
    By the way, it is the same plant as the pic in the op.
    Decided to name her Sony after the box shes in.
    Here is Sony, her lights turned on at 9:30PM, last pic with flash on:

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  17. Had to switch to the speaker box for flowering due to light leak issues :/
    its still only slightly bigger than the original shoebox though!
    If I had monster feet like size 15 it would be shoebox size LOL.
    Speaker Box: 14.5 in tall, 8.5 in wide, and 6.5 in deep
    Orig. Shoebox: 12.0 in tall, 7.0 in wide, and 4.0 in deep
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    I'm one happy guy right now! just got hooked up last night SOO fat with soo much variety of fire, which i love. I love the bay.

    QUICK QUESTION: Should I switch to 2 2700K bulbs or leave it with 1 2700K and one 6500K?
    any input appreciated, I have looked around for the answer and seen a lot of different opinions.
    I know either will work, just trying to maximize my very small yield ;)

    And I woke up this morning and Sony's top was lookin crazy, so i thought i'd snap a couple pics before the lights went off:

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  19. That's a pretty girl! Very green, very green indeed. Had to giggle when I was the High stress training with thumbtacks, tehe.
  20. hehe, yeah, had to tie her down big time and it looks a litte silly! but it was worth it. I took some pics and then took some scissors to a few fan leaves that were blocking a lot of light. I will see how she is in the morning and snap a few more pics and post em'.
    I also figured out the wattage on these cfls: the current setup is 1 55 Watt CFL 2700K and 1 42 Watt CFL 2700K which I just put in to replace the 6500K. Running a nice 97 Watts CFL 2700K, and I have a good feeling this bagseed was from some DANK cause it smells great.

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