Shoe box Grow box?

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  1. ok guys, well i want to grow some "tomatoes". but as i still live with my parents it has to be stealthy, so here is my plan:

    The Shoe box Grow box.

    for the body:
    about 8 shoe boxes taped together with the bottoms and tops cut out, so it looks like regular stacked shoe boxes.

    for the lighting:
    cut the socket off an old lamp and a old tv cord. wire them together and a 20 watt CFL.

    for ventilation:
    2 computer fans wired together with an old phone charger.

    i will post videos of me building my creation up on this thread, and when i start growing(if i ever do).

    tell me what you think, all feed back is welcome.
  2. It sounds like a fire hazard to me. It is always best to keep electricity away from easily ignited materials such as shoe boxes. You may want to look into a "pc grow box", or some other stealth designed box. You can do web searches for "stealth grow box" and from there you can get some ideas of designs that you can build on your own. But if you decide to go with the shoe box idea then be very very very careful... but don't let anything discourage you if you really have a passion for it. Good luck :)
  3. Here's and idea for you build yourself a false backed speaker cabinet. It's will give you more height then some taped together shoe boxes and won't look out of place when some one goes to look at it. Won't look weird wired with cords coming out of it. and it's easy to make it functional as a speaker so know one is the wiser.
  4. Either wait until you move out (which is really the sensible thing to do), or spend the money on either a pre-made or diy stealth box of some sort. PC grow boxes are sweet, and light leak and fans dont look out of place if you say its a gaming machine. The speaker idea ten foot wookie posted is also a great. I built a stealth dresser, it's fucking fantastic. I put it in a closet and no one is the wiser.

    Whatever you do, you better build it air tight, so all the odor flows through some sort of filter, or you'll definitely get busted when you flower.
  5. Dont grow in your parents house.
  6. Yeah I have built two stealth speaker cabinets for buddies of mine they love'em. One of my buddies has it in his parents family room in the basement it's been there for a year and a half and no one has noticed it.
  7. haha thanks guys, i have 2 computer in the attic that i already gutted for the fans, but theyre junk. and i dont feel like spending $300+ on a pc box.
    and i dont have any old speakers around to use.
    this is just going to be a prototype with shit i find around the house.
    so no money out of my pocket.

  8. im still in moving out is not an option at the moment. haha
  9. Go to your local thrift store you can find a junk speaker box for pretty much free. That's what I used for one of my builds and it worked great cost me five bucks for a non working speaker. Go online look at craigslist people throw shit out all the time and give it away. The great thing about going stealth is the multitude of things you can use. You have the imagination obviously just keep going shoe box not the safest plan! What you could do is build a box and then camouflage it with your shoe box idea if thats the kind of stealth your looking for but I see that getting sniffed out pretty quick especially in your parents house. The key to stealth is puttin it right in front of everyones face with out them knowing. So its gotta look right. A box in a closet with cords and noise coming from it isn't very stealth.
  10. well guys, here it is.
    still have a few things to do.
    i have to make it more light proof and tape some shit down.
    the little opening on the bottom is where i messed up, that'll get covered up don't worry.
    like i said 5 boxes stacked together, a total of about 2 and a half feet.
    2 silent computer fans.
    and don't worry that incandescent is going to get replaced with a spiral 20 watt CFL.
    ill post another video tomorrow with it hidden in my closet.
    i think i did a good job with random shit around the house....
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪My Movie‬‏[/ame]
  11. A+ for imagination. Those shoe boxes aren't gonna hold out to long once you get some humidity in there and your gonna have a hell of a time controlling the smell. You might want to invest in some Ona Gel to keep the smell down. The space looks pretty tight and it looks like your gonna have problems maintaining the plant, since all you have is that opening on the top.

  12. dude PLEASE dont waste your time.

    your gonna grow a sick little plant in there but it wont yield ANYTHING.

    id say it would be smarter for you to plant the seed outdoors.

    it will be done before the end of the summer. and you will yield 100% more then this box will.

    and i dont want you to set your house on fire.
  13. i mean, like i said its a prototype, like why the hell not.
    first grow
    first time messing around with anything, i want to see if i can atleast get it to sprout before i invest money in anything.
  14. Were just looking out for your safety bro one short and that thing is gonna burn your house down. Like I said you got the imagination to build something sweet your on your way, just pool from our knowledge bro. That box isn't gonna do anything but cause you trouble and possibly put your family out of a house.
  15. that is true.
    my friend wants it so ill be giving it to him.
  16. Good call go back to the drawing board think up something new. There is potential all around you check out craigslist, like I said they have tons of shit for free on there find something that fits your space and start Workin. You got a lot of knowledge to draw from here. Happy growing!!!
  17. Ok so.... you remind me of myself when i was 15 and trying to grow my first plant despite the fact that my parents catching me would fuck me lmao.
    So i have good and bad news for you
    You will NOT be able to grow indoors in a very small enclosed space and produce good nugget, they WILL be sickly small little things. MAYBE you could do this if not getting caught wasnt a factor, but were are you going to hide your nutrient bottles (that you NEED), how will you explain the fans (that you NEED) running 24/7, and there's no way you can explain the stink the flowering bud would create upon insistent investigation lol. dont even get my started on lighting, im an electrician. never mind the safety shit (if my boss ever read that omg), it just plain wont work, you'll fry the plant or it just wont be enough.
    So.... not trying to be discouraging here but all that being said....
    when i was 16 i grew a 7' tall plant in the fields behind my house outside of Poughkeepsie, NY. Been doing it up outdoors ever since then, until i moved to Colorado. You CAN find a good spot, just start doing all your research and find a way to get good seeds (SOOOO much easier now than back then) and your set. Dont tell ANYONE your doing it, and plan your attack. You can produce POUNDS outdoors with just a few plants if you do it right, the absolute hardest part IMO is finding the spot to do it in. It will take patience but if you care, it will happen.
    Good Luck!!!

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