Shockwave Flash Acting Up In Firefox

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Tastytrichomes, Jun 17, 2013.

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    first youtube videos were taking forever to load... seemingly a very spontaneous error i've been having lately... cleared all my data (including cookies/cache) with no luck
    and now it's been going absolutely crazy, just buggin out like hell in all content requiring flashplayer

  2. works fine for me..clean your comp with ccleaner
  3. i use registry mechanic my comp is fine
    just doesnt load fast in firefox anymore
  4. dont know mines loading instantly..having a ssd prob helps
  5. dayum yo flash player buggin the fuck out in firefox right now
    shit is whack homie ya feels me
    should i just fuckin delete system 32?
  6. I've been having lots of troubles with my Shockwave Flash Player lately too, at least the plugin for FireFox. It closes at least a couple times a day now. Sometimes it will use up a ton of my computer's processing power, too. Idk what to do, I already re-installed it.
    yes yes im glad im not the only one
    right now its going absolutely crazy
  8. youtube loading mad slow today : (
    Whatever you do bro, deleting system 32 will never help! You say your shockwave player is busted, try updating it to the latest, alongwith the browser you're using ... Restart once done and see what happens ... You gotta post results for us to see what's up :)
    actually it has been fixed, seemingly at random by itself
    apparently a lot of firefox users were having this issue
    it seems alright now!

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