Shocking discovery.

Discussion in 'General' started by mashcat, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. My boyfriends seedlings have gone!!!!!they were there yesterday and he was upset at first but not as upset when it was obvious my cat must of eaten them....I should stop laughing really.Oops!!
  2. yeah, you need to watch that one.........cats love MJ plants as much as we they also LOVE herbs like corriander/basil out..........Sid
  3. heh, yeah... i give my cat a wiff of the bud and she goes nuts. mj has the same effect as catnip on her. i wonder if catnip will have the same effect as mj on me? lol ;p

  4. I have some in the cupboard.I will save that idea til I get very,very desperate but feel free to try it yourself.Share your experiences with us though.
  5. all catnip does is give you a headach
  6. why the fuck are so many people talking about smoking catnip, i mean come on!
    though im kind of the pot calling the kettle black, cause the first drug i ever did was dxm (cough syrup form).
  7. I have a friend who's dad was growing 6 or 8 plants in the bathroom one time and the cat ate them all. The cat was paranoid for a week.
  8. My cat can be really vicious on catnip.I bought it in spray form and was going to spray my mate with it just to see what the cat would do but he is already scared of the cat so he wouldn't.Definately don't want to smoke it .
  9. just another reason to "darn" those kitties.....
    they will tear your plants/seedlings to heck.
  10. I have 6 so it is going to be fun for my bf.I don't even get any flowers coz the cats eat them too.Lets my bf off the hook I suppose.
  11. i dislike cats for reasons such as this one.
  12. It's his own fault he knew what they were like.He has also grown before with cats around it's taught him a very important lesson anyway.

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