Shock to system or shall i worry?

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  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post after using the site numerous times. I have just started my first own Hydro grow - 400 W HPS, 4 Pot System Clay Pebbles and Water Pump. Temps have been around 20-26C whilst I germinated the seeds and kept in a cupboard under a 125W CFL 20 hours on 4 off all seemed well with nice growth and on the transplant to the hydro set up im not sure if they have had a shock as they are now situated in a tent in the loft where temps at the mo are getting down to 7C and only upto 20C when light is on. The water is cold so I am waiting on delivery of a heater for the resovoir. Im wondering if the drooping in 2 our of the 4 could be caused by the shock in temp drops and the cold water streaming through the pebbles or the change in light power or can it be worse? It has just now had one full day cycle (20 on 4 off) am I being a bit too hastey or am I right to worry. I have a fifth plant still in the cupboard which I am keeping 'just in case'

    I am using plant magic hard water A & B 'grow' (I have the 'bloom' for when I put into flowering) and I have been using the PM Evolution Spray once a week as directed. I started off only using 1 or 2ml of both parts for first 2 weeks (bottle suggestion 4-5ml per litre I was 1-2ml per litre starting at one and increasing to 2) but started to notice a yellowing of bottom leaves so I increased it (to just under recommended level) for 3 week and seems to have done the job. I am using PH 6.0 water in the system. My colour indicatior will not allow me to go lower than a 6.0 reading.

    Pics attached from week 1 to 3 (as of last night) When checking halfway point today still a bit droopy. Plants 2 and 4 seem to be taking the transplant worst. (Last Pic)

    Also, Should I have the water pump running contiunously or only while the light is on? Also this isnt really a drip system its more of a constant stream into the pebbles cause by drilling holes into the hose and creating a block at the end of the hose this pressures the system up shooting the water across the pots and into various places but with water never touching the plants.

    Hopefully I have included enough info for you to imagine the set up. Nearly forgot, the strain is critical (7-8 weeks flower - not an auto-flower though), royal seeds (or something along those lines) from Amsterdam.

    Many thanks in advance.

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  2. whoa, hold your horses.....

    first, don't use a heater in your RES... bad idea... unless its frozen leave it alone... I cant convert C to F... but as long as the RES isn't sweating your fine

    secondly... those GIANT rockwool cubes only need water like once every three days(you wait till mostly dry... not bone dry though)

    so your questions on the constant stream of water are answered... unless your moving water in your res... thats fine, but it will heat soup temps and cause problems if its a submerged pump

    and lastly..... cover those rockwool cubes with hydroten... water sitting on those things will cause mold.... its not super harmful... but just do it anyway.. its a good idea

    report back
  3. Nice one for your reply.

    Rather than just flat out ask questions back to you I tried to research what you mean by Hydroten and all that came back to me was clay pebbles this what you mean?...Put more pebbles in the pots to cover the cubes? I did soak some extra ones for this reason just in case but was unsure whether to add them and increase the height of the pebbles to the base of the plant.

    Im new to hydro but I was under the impression that the roots would try to find the water stream running though the pebbles so im suprised to hear that you state only run the pump every 3 days..would this not cause the roots to dry out or do the pebbles hold some degree of the water to combat this? I have a second pump in the reservoir with a hose that shoots the water slightly up and then back down as I heard this was a good way to increase the oxygen in the this goes back to your original point of is the water moving in the reservoir....yes it is. Can you please advise back on this as I would like to get my pump times set up correct I do not want to drown nor dry the roots.

    7C is about a heater would not be required? I was only looking at 50 watt to take the chill out of the 50 litre reservoir.

    Im also having problems with PH rising within a matter of hours, I take it down to 6.0 but shoots up to over this going to be simply a case of keeping an eye on it and adjusting as neccessary or could there be a problem?
  4. the clay pebbles are hydroten.... the things you have your plant directly in thats the rockwool.... those are super large.... those need to be barely wet...

    and i'd leave the res alone... the temp is low, but it should be fine...

    how does your drip run? got a pic of that up close?
  5. No pics just the ones already posted, some of the jets hit the rockwool and others into the pebbles around 2 sides of the plant. To be totally honest this was a make-do temporary system with the clear pipe until payday when I can buy some black plastic hard tubing and pipe up the system better so the jets are round all 4 sides of the cube. Ive bought a heater now (only £8.00 inc delivery) so i'll keep that on hand should the temp dips further but hopefully as you say I wont need it.

    I have made a rather poor diagram you can see the water sprays out of the hose towards the plant.

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