Shock, or lack of nutes, or something else ?

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    ok guys and gals , ive been growing a strain outdoors in my garden and it turned out to be a really nice one , so I set up a 5 gallon Dwc system with a 8" net pot with coco coir, with an air bubbler , , I then also run a spare 5 gallon rez with a 5 gallon bucket with a 180 gph pump to circulate to the other bucket with spegetti line to top feed, and a 3/4 hose to return to the Rez , all seems great , ive taken this out door plant and rinsed all roots off and placed in the dwc system and a week and a half later the plant is yellowing from the bottom up with the older leaves yellowing with green veins ? Is this just shock ? Im using 2 300 watt leds about 24" from the tops , great airflow 75 degrees in daytime , fluid temp is 68 degrees , im using floranova grow, ausie tonic, calmag and fish emulsion , ppm is at 600 for now , and ph at 6.0 , also I might add this girl is two weeks into flower , I am bringing it bk to veg on a 22 on 2 off schedule to veg more for a bigger plant for clones , any ideas guys

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  2. Some thoughts -
    It's normal for the lower fan leaves to yellow and fall off as the plant grows.
    I would not use fish emulsion in a hydro grow, it's more of an organic supplement for dirt farmers.
    Lower your lights. You don't need to be more than 18" above the plant.12 - 15" is better if no stress.
    Are you using RO water? If not, you may not need cal-mag. What's the ppm of your water before anything is added? How much cal-mag? I start with 3mL per gallon with RO, then drop to 2.5mL per gallon when topping off.
    Re-veg-ing is a stressful and time consuming process. Is it worth the lost time to preserve this plant? It's going to take at least a month to re-veg, then longer to wait for new growth to clone.
    If you decide not to re-veg, has the plant started to stretch yet? If you let it bloom I would LST the plant, that can help yield tremendously. Are you familiar with how to do that?

    Welcome to Grass City & bestaluck to ya!
  3. ^^^^^What Olde School said^^^^^

    I would grow that girl out....>>then<< re-veg her. You'll at least have bud that way to span the 2-3 months it will take to get decent cuts.

    Gotta say....after all of that harsh treatment and fert right out of the gate...I'm surprised she's still alive at all.

    good luck
  4. Thanks olde school, I didn't realize u weren't suppose to use fish emulsion , I really didn't want to but heard it would help greatly with shock , wow the smell of horrendous , what will I use when I flush to clean all my equipment out of this stuff ? , I kept the lights at 24" above the tops cause I didn't want to shock her anymore , from being outside then under led's at full strength . I used my tap water after leaving out to rid of chlorine , and ppm was 46 , I figured that was fairly low , my Rez that plant is in has around 3.5 gallons to the bottom of my netti pot and my external Rez has around the same amount , so I only gave her 3.5ml of cal mag total , and one tsp of fish emulsion per whole set up , I wasent to worried about the bud I'd loose or time of reverting bk to veg , as I have other plants outdoor for my medication , I really just wanted to save this strain as it's the last of it I have from a passed away friend , and as soon as I got bk and seen it was in flower I decided to bring in and set up a dwc system with top drip , I was away and was hoping to catch her before she was this far into flower, I wasent even sure she was a she , but now I'm concerned how I can turn her bk to veg and keep it going , hence my concern of her yellowing state and no new roots growing , should I flush my Rez out , give ph water only and lower my led's do u think , or is there a better solution , thanks for any help

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