Shmurda is a phony

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  1. Everyone seems to like the song Hot Ngga, including me...for the beat. Does anyone actally take his lyrics seriously?? He's like Chief Keef without the aspergers. And what's the point of playing the song on the radio when half the words are censored

  2. music like that never has the lyrics taken seriously, lol. i like it for the beat and the dance. /end
  3. I like the song too mainly for the beat. But the beat ain't even his. And his raps are mediocre at best. Last thing I need in my music is a list of guns at Walmart that they can apparently "shoot" me with.

    DeeJay Goldstein
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    LOL, couldnt agree more.. i feel like rap/hip hop is trash now no one seems to care about lyrics anymore...
    Not to mention its nothing but negativity...
  5. I feel that way about most mainstream hip hop music. I mainly listen to underground artists for that reason alone. I like to hear intelligence behind the rhymes not extremely exaggerated situations that never happens to anyone really.

    DeeJay Goldstein
  6. I was hoping smurda was a blade that we can smash with the banhammer.

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