Shmokee's When To Chop Top44 Day 46...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Shmokee, May 13, 2011.

  1. What is up GC!! The first out of my six girls that will be ready for chop will be my Top44. I am currently on day 46 of bloom. And would like some input as to whether or not I should Paul Bunyon this beeeyotch. :p

    I know, I know, trichomes, I am getting my 30x mag tomorrow. But I did read a very insightful 'know when to chop' thread on here that focuses more on the conditions of the overall buds, as opposed to the trichome color, clear amber hazy, you all know what I'm talking about!! :D

    So based on the later method, I would like to find out what your recommendations are as far as chopping or letting her jam for maybe 2 - 3 more days, as the last leg of bloom they pack on weight!

    These nugs are already extremely dense, barely any give at all.

    Please let me know! Thanks all! :hello:
    I've also included a shot of my Matanuska, Lemon Shark, and Cinderella 99 just for GP, they'll be ready soon! The LS, and the C99 look like they've been dipped in sugar!!

  2. get real close me myself i dont use a scope to determine only my sence of smell and the way the bud wil finish since i like couch lock i let my hairs turn all amber and receed back into the bud forming a solid cluster like a vine full of tiny grapes...
  3. id agree. but I love the mind high so I chop early. looks like your girls have a coule weeks left until they are fully ripe. that'd make for the couchlock. tis more flavorful if you wait as well. up to you in the end though. gonna be great smoke either way

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