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  1. Has anyone ordered from them before? I ordered a $150 ashcatcher 4 weeks ago it has yet to be shipped, kind of almost forgot about it, still says Filling Order on their website...i emailed them 2 days ago about it and no reply..

    Just wondering if anyone ordered before is it supposed to take this long?
  2. my advice..if you used paypal..cancel the payment..or start a complaint or something so they dont keep your cash..then go find another place with quality ash catchers. 4 weeks is way too long. (once opinion)
  3. I've ordered from them before with no problems.:confused_2: I don't know what to tell ya OP. Hope you get your issue fixed.
  4. i ordered a hedman headies AC from them and it took a couple weeks i would just give it time
  5. I'm thinking of calling my credit card company...the no reply kinda did it for me, im patient, even a "it's on the way asshole" would suffice, but no reply after 4 weeks at all? You heard it here everyone...Shivadas glass....
  6. I've ordered from them before with no real problems. (My a/c came in broke, but they replaced it quick)

    Check your PM.
  7. i've ordered from them twice. the first order took a really long time to arrive. if they don't email you back soon i'd suggest doing what blackbur said. shitty customer service isn't ok.
  8. My friend ordered a hvy bong from them and it did take forever! but it did come so i dont think it is a rip off
  9. If you want it wait. If you don't anymore send them an email notifying them of your intent to file a dispute for your money back. Wait a full business day or two after that to file to see if that stirs anything up. Three reasons...

    1. Filing a dispute without notice is rude imo even if they haven't replied. Take the higher ground and give them warning. It appears they always operate slowly anyway and people don't seem to mind too much. The threat of a dispute is probably all they need to get moving.

    2. Your piece could already be on it's way and they may have just failed to notify you. It's happened before.

    3. It could just be poor communication. The item could be backordered... maybe they broke the only one in stock. Who knows? Maybe under threat of a dispute they'd let you change your order, give you something free or refund the order on their own. Refunds processed by the seller are A LOT faster and easier to deal with than disputes.

  10. Them getting the money in the first place should be reason enough for them to "get moving." :rolleyes:
  11. Could you have said anything more obvious?

  12. Sure, but that's beside the point. The OP has waited a month already.

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