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Shityest bud uve ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jobes921, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. This thread dont realy have much of a point.. but around here regs are almost unheard of.. worst bud i ever smoked was mids.. havent had em in like 6 months.. we had a giant mids drout. But yea.. wats the worst bud u've ever smoked? Describe it.
  2. I smoked some shitty schwag that was just awful! Even in a blunt!
  3. I smoked some regs once that barely smelled like anything. Tasted a little like weed and barely got me high. At least I didn't pay for it.
  4. One time me and my friend were runnin low on cash, so we decided just to pick up a dime of some mids. So we drive to our dealers house and my friend runs in real quick and comes out with like the torn off part of a paper bag. When he got back in the car I looked that the weed and we both decided immediatly it was unsmokeable lol. It was like no buds all just this stringy leafy shit. The good thing is she ended up giving us like 6 grams of this shit for 10 dollars since no one was buying it and we made some tasty edibles.

    Needless to say we havent bought weed from that person again lol.
  5. I remember this like it was yesterday, but it has been 15 years since this happened. A friend and I were looking to split a quarter bag of some high-grade one rainy afternoon. We went to the usual sources with no luck. I remembered that a guy I used to go to school with had some occasionally, but he always bought at the lowest prices. I made the call and we met in such a way that I couldn't examine the product before taking possession. We sped away and I opened the bag(double bagged) and immediately the odor of gasoline filled our car. I broke up and rolled a nice fat joint and as soon as I lit it, I started to gag. I passed it to my friend and he had the same reaction. We ended up throwing the joint and remainder of the bag out the window almost immediately. Come to find out, this bag was part of a pretty big shipment that made it's way from Mexico all the way up to Tennessee. It seems that whoever was responsible for packaging the pounds wasn't expecting them to be trapped in a GAS TANK FOR TWO DAYS!!! Can anyone top this? I'd be really interested to hear of similar experiences.
  6. sounds really shitty but if it was soaked in gas wouldnt the whole j catch on fire?
  7. Schwaggggg all the way is the worst bud ever!! Even ina swisher :(
  8. i had this shwag once and i apid like 5 bucks for a dime it was all dried out and nasty color, tasted horable, i still smoked it though
  9. worst I've ever smoked is mids. Now, I can't even find mids if I wanted to. I've been trying to find some for the purpose of making edibles for a good while, but no luck. :(
  10. I bought an O of some "Killer trees man" when I was 15, after about 6 joints I gave up, couldn't get stoned off it so I resold it to some kids in school who claim it got them blasted :) Couldn't get high off it at all I felt more sober after smoking it was weird, looked like mids tasted like bleh
  11. One time when my brother had first started smoking he picked up this weed that had already been ground up into dust. You could tell it was some shitty brick weed and it smelled like gas. Smoked 2 joints of it and didn't feel a thing. That was easily the shittiest weed I have ever smoked.
  12. Sometime back in the early 80's the guys in my band and I chipped in and got a quarter pound of really shitty green/brown weed (for like...40 bucks?) that had HUGE seeds in it, like peas or something. The Big Seed Weed was terrible weed LOL, but we all still remember it and have forgotten some of the better stuff we've had. When we get together now and someone says,"Got any smoke?" the answer is always something like "yeah, but its not as good as the big seed weed" and have a laugh. We couldn't give it away back when we had it :D
  13. this dealer i used to cop from. His name was 'jamaica' and a dime was like 2.5-3grams. it was brown and nasty looking. the whole bag didnt get me high. tasted like ass. the worst weed he had. lol.
  14. When i first started smoking I swear we smoked dirt. It looked like weed except brown. Had tons of seeds and stems. Smoked blunts worth and barely barely got high from it. maybe the high lasting around 20 mins at a very low level.
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    This stuff actually was the first I got after I decided to chronicle my pickups. Incidentally, it's also the worst stuff I've ever bought.

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  16. Where I'm from it's basically only mids you can get your hands on. But back in like November I bought an 1/8 for like $20 and I had to smoke 3 bowls before I got even slightly high. That was also when I was smoking 4-6 times a day, so I smoked nearly 20 bowls in 1 day. The 1/8 was gone in 1 1/2 days
  17. Went over to my friends house to try some White Widow he had just picked up. I rolled over there and when I saw it... it looked nothing like weed. It was crumbly green shake with no trichs. Also it had some bits of tostitos lookin chips. We smoked it and got high... but not white widow high.
  18. Honestly, the worst I've smoked is that Canadian shit that smells like hay..
  19. i smoked some pretty much ditched weed and the first hit i took i just cashed the bowl. and tossed the whole 1/8th oz. bag out.
  20. smoked this schwagg that looked like beefjerky.. and it felt like beef jerky when you tried to tear the bricked buds apart

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