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Shitty Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Duncan2112, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I just smoked some bad weed. My only question. Why do people buy this massproduced shit it was horrible.:mad:

  2. Think McDonalds.
  3. [quote name='"Duncan2112"']I just smoked some bad weed. My only question. Why do people buy this massproduced shit it was horrible.:mad:[/quote]

    Not everybody in the world can
    Afford the high grade #moreforus
  4. I know what you mean. If you're gonna be in the business, I don't see why you'd settle for low grade. I have one dealer who always has this dry weed that I have to smoke two huge bowls of to get anywhere. It's getting harder and harder to find good weed. But then again, there's other dealers who have the dankest and even a pinch of it would get anyone high.

    I always regret having to buy shitty weed.
  5. Yeah I smoked it and it was just horrid. now I have a headache.
    First experience with shitty weed.
  6. Probably because it's so cheap.
  7. yeah, I used to always buy the shitiest weed i could, best prices. now i buy dankiest weed posible. tonight I'm getting a 1/4 of sour diesel
  8. because they're fools. the only time i smoked mids i actually almost threw up\

    the question is more like: how do people get away with selling this shit?
  9. Cheap and plentiful that's about it. You can thank mexico and the asian gangs in the us for your mids.

    I say fuck depending on anyone but yourself and grow your own.
  10. I had a bitch of a time finding some regs down here in Texas a while ago. Took like 2 weeks to find any. But it was nice to buy a large amount for so cheap. Of course the high wasnt anything compared to dank but it was nice to just puff on a fat blunt and chill with some friends. Even reminded me of my first couple of times smoking.
  11. Easy to get, easy to grow, cheap, comes almost literally flooding over the Mexican border because its inexpensive to produce with good profit margins. It is some nasty stuff though, but if its been a few months since I smoked or I just really want to I will smoke some of the nastyness. It is best used though to make concentrates, thats what I used to use it for. Now I don't bother, too much work, rather just buy high grade and smoke the kief in my grinder at the end of an ounce or quarter.
  12. move to ny we got some of the best bud you'll come across :)
  13. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']move to ny we got some of the best bud you'll come across :)[/quote]

    Exactlyyy I havent been in one part of ny you cant find a hook up (except upstate) , you can get good ass regs to super dank bud and huge bags depending on who you know
  14. No one grew it with tlc
  15. sometimes you dont have a choice, i think we've all been in the situation where we've had to smoke some shitty weed from either a bad deal or a friend with just some not so nice weed... and what are you going to do, just not smoke that shit?!?!?! sometimes you gotta man up and just smoke it.
  16. people who smoke weed for real , dank is the only option :smoking:
  17. It'll happen, just find a better dealer, inspect the weed and if it doesn't meet your standards, just tell him, "dude I can do better then this and I know you can" and take your business elsewhere. If it's supposed to be dank and its more seed and stem then bud then as said above, just dont buy it, dont be afraid to tell your dealer no, he's running a business and should provide what is expected of him if he wants to sell.
  18. And cooking. I forgot edibles. Shitty weed is perfect for cooking

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