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  1. Ok, so I'm going to give the concise version here, but basically I'm just looking to get this off my chest and get some opinions.

    Two years ago, I met a man who was 20 years older than me, through a mutual friend. We lived together for a while with the mutual friend and then went our separate ways. While we lived together we fucked around and stuff, but when we parted is when things kind of got serious. So we had a secret relationship for a while, and it just kept getting worse an dworse for me. He stopped calling me basically, save for once every couple of weeks.

    We became fuck buddies at this point, for lack of a better term, but there were emotions involved (and still are). Anyway, I've told him various times that I want to step up the relationship. I haven't slept with him in months, and generally only do every few months, so I don't think that the sex is the reason we stay in contact.

    I finally got fed up and we didn't talk for a while, but then he called again and we fucked again. Anyway, this man says he's head over heels in love with me, and that he doesn't want to take further steps in our relationship right now because he's scared of the repercussions (what with being 20 yrs my senior and all). He thinks that if we just fuck until I'm 20 then we can go puiblic and everything will be smooth sailing.

    I just want it to be over, there are so many incidents that I know he is lying to me about important things. He doesn't call for weeks on end. We hardly see each other. It is the worst possible situation, I hate it and it depresses me and I want to get out of it. I've tried various times but he always gets extremely upset and ends up acting like a child, yelling and guilting me. Oh yeah, his other thing is always accusing me of being with someone else...

    I didn't really mean to type that much but I'm high as hell and the most recent incident occurred today when I tried to dump him AGAIN. We have the same vconversation once a month at least about this. I feel like a piece of shit because I can't end it, and I feel like a piece of shit in this relationship in general.

    ANYWAY: Is this guy a psychopath, creep, what? Am I a psychopath, dumbass, etc for putting up with this shit for so long?
  2. im just telling u he is using u for sex. because if hes 20 years older and he only calls u once and awhile thats all i need to say u are being used.

    sounds like a creeper stay away from him and dump his ass.
  3. sounds like the luckiest guy in the world :)
  4. Someone has the short end of the stick on this relationship. You are there for sex...just sex is my guess. He was lying when he said he was head over heels IMO. He just wants the poon. Assuming you are a female. If you are not...then I think what I said still stands.
  5. Lol yeah, I'm a female. Thanks guys, I really just needed to set my head back on straight. When this fuckball calls me tomorrow I'm straight up saying never bother calling me again and then never answering another call.:hello:
  6. I think you knew what was best. Good job on self-realization!!! Now smoke a bowl to celebrate! :bongin:
  7. I smoked 3 nice joints in the last hour, feeling a lot better about this whole thing now, ready to block a barrage of calls :metal:

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