Shitty, Shitty posture

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  1. Anyone else ever had problems with this? According to my docotr, I have what is called "Lumbar Lordosis", which means that my back's lumbar curve more exaggerated than usual.

    Wondering if anyone has any tips to start looking more normal
  2. A possible cause of this is hip flexor dominance (over abs). Try this exercise from Pavel to even out your abs and hip flexors:

    "Russian Ballet Leg Thrust
    Lie on your back with your right knee bent to 90 degrees and your right foot on the floor. Straighten your left knee and raise your left leg toward the ceiling as high as you can with your toes pointed in line with your leg. Flatten your lower back against the floor by performing a pelvic tilt, flexion of your abdominal muscles by pulling the front of your pelvis upward toward your belly button and tucking your tailbone underneath you. Maintain the toes pointed and pelvic tilt positions throughout the entire exercise. Inhale, squeeze your gluteal muscles together and slowly lower your left leg. When the leg reaches the floor, exhale and relax for a second. Inhale, raise the leg and repeat. Perform 3 to 5 reps with perfect form."

    The key to this exercise is keeping your lower back totally flat on the floor. If your back arches up halfway through lowering your leg, then you need to work in the range of motion that allows you to keep the back flat. So basically just get a little lower to the floor each workout until you can keep it flat for the whole thing, then develop it a little more. Once you get it, it will make all other ab exercises much safer for you.
    Tip: a good way to figure out if your back is lifting off is to put your hands where your back is touching the floor. If you feel movement, you're probably lifting up.
  3. Russia hit the nail on the head. Make sure you get your hamstrings and other muscles loosened up as to take tension off your back.

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