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  1. So guys I need some advice.:eek:

    I co-own a home with someone. Were living in it with a roomate who agreed to pay for the utility bill each month. Apparently, he's not paying it. He ignored my questioning while he played World of Warcraft; meanwhile, I was being harassed by the other owner of the house. How soon can I boot him out? The co owner wants him to stay, I have 50% say in the matter, as does he. Can I boot this freeloading piece of shit OUT?

    Btw there is no legal agreement here, nothing in writing. Should I just go to a lawyer and tell them what's up? I'm at the point where I'm considering moving out, and honestly I would have been a little less pissy if I had gotten a heads up about the "you haven't paid" letter from the utility companies. It literally feels like a twilight zone episode where I'm being bullied by 6th graders.

    Thinking about it now, I'm fine with just kicking him out. Asap. I could give a shit about the fucking utility bills, I don't want him/them here. For Gods sake I don't want to be here.:( shit is bringing me down.
  2. It all depends on your state's laws man, but since you don't have a binding contract I think you can give him the boot w/o problems. If he refuses to leave call the 5-0.
  3. explain your situation with whomever has say in what goes on and maybe you can both agree to give him a month to find a place, pack his shit, and leave.
  4. Move out and let them turn the power off on his butt. Who's name is the bill in ?
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    I'm liking this idea, it's in the co-owners name, except the cable is in mine. Needless to say I'm cancelling it tomorrow.

    If the co-owner strikes up a contract without me, is that a valid contract? I'm thinking they would do that just to fuck with me. :rolleyes: At that point I'd just leave, which is probably what they want.:confused_2:

    I'd probably do the kind thing and let him have his 30 days before his shit is on the lawn. :)
  6. Take his PC until he gives you the money for the bill.

    Seriously, if there's no legal document there then he really can't say shit. He needs to pay his bill or get the fuck out of the house.
  7. Alot more trouble then it's worth. Just get your stuff out while dude's at work and go stay with a family member or friend till you find your own place. Sounds like your roomate is playing you for weak and if you let this slide next thing you know your gonna have to pay his rent to.
  8. You got a problem?

    I got a problem solver.

  9. Are you actually 50% owners of the house, meaning your name is on the deed or you are a trustee of the trust on the deed, etc?

    If so, and your roommate wants him there, then there is nothing you could do except GTFO.

    But if you are actually renting the place with a lease, and subletting a room to this guy, then you could notify the landlord (who might just evict all of you for breaking the lease; usually subletting is prohibited).

  10. Sounds like a win win for OP.
  11. Since you spoke to him while he was busy, i'd say when he's not playing Wow or when he's not really doing anything, like watching TV, go in the room, turn the TV and have a proepr talk with him. Tell him that you are going to go legal with the matter and you have already spoken to your lawyer about the situation, and if he is not putting up his share then you CAN kick him out. Nobody is saying you actually have to do anything or speak to anyone, but bluff the fuck out of him, try and make him think if he doesnt pay the bill, he will have nowhere to sleep and night. I'm not really into manipulating people, but when somebody says they will pay a certain bill, and they don't, i say fuck them.
  12. Do you know which switch in the circuit breaker is his computer/room? Throw a lock on the box and flip his power off until he comes up with the money.

    You said you're paying cable, cancel it and treat it like the moocher does the electricity bill.

    Like Feanor said, is your name actually on the deed? Because the landlord might just clean house. If you come to the landlord in a constructive converstation he might give everyone the boot and let you re-sign yourself to the new lease.

    If you have someone living with you, make sure you have some kind of contract with them. Sometimes people just move in with friends and think that the friendship applies to paying bills/buying food/household chores and that they are exempt.
  13. Show him your not playing shoot that fool in the foot
  14. i have had so many roomies like this. finally after a year and a half in the same apartment i found some really cool dudes... with time you will find someone who is worth living with and not someone you have to put with
  15. You need to check out your local fair housing board and check the landlord section for what your options are. You need to make sure you do everything legally, and if you have no rental agreement, you need to get one IMMEDIATELY. You can find a boiler-plate lease agreement online for fairly cheap or free.
  16. As someone already asked...are you and your friend co-owners of the house, meaning both your names are on the deed?

    You might want to post a thread on craigslist's "Legal" forum. Of course the craigslist forums are rampant with trolls, but if you can ignore them, you can actually get some helpful responses.

    You could also try the "Housing" forum, but the responses are less likely to be accurate in terms of legality.
  17. Absolutely agree! If co-owner of the house wants him to stay there, you can't stop him as he owns 50% of the property. However, you CAN require a rental agreement if he stays in the house for more than 3 days (this time frame varies state-by-state).

    Don't get run out of your own house because of some mooch! You have legal rights that you can flex. You could probably find a lawyer to give you a free consultation on your situation.
  18. Wanted to give you guys an update :)

    We just talked it over and we're getting legal documents for it. I'm still moving soon but it has nothing to do with this situation. I just want to move. I think I just got pissy when I found out he wasn't paying. I kind of wish they told me beforehand, not just "Surprise! I'm not paying."

    And we own the house, not rent.

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